Freedom Blush Palette | Review


The Freedom Pro Blush Palette Peach and Baked is a beautiful palette. I have it for a while now, but never really used it. ( Yet again this was a “ohmygod so cute I need this let’s buy this but totally forget about it”product, I need help) The only color I used is the shiny pink one in the middle because it is a sheer color.


The palette contains 6 peachy blushes, one pink sheer glittery blush and one highlighter color. The 6 colors are really pigmented, and some are a little bit too orange, it shocked me. As I told in the intro, the pink sheer color is my favorite. The blushes feel really soft on the skin, and they apply very easily.


These are the first three colors on the left. Sadly they don’t have names. But as you can see they are really pigmented and orange/brownie (well the last two). The two orange/brown colors aren’t really what I like, but the first pink/rose color is a beauty. Maybe I am going to wear that one more often.


Here are the two colors in the middle. As you can see they aren’t as pigmented as the other colors, but I like that for a blush. I’m always scared that I end up with way too much blush on my cheeks and look like a clown. In my opinion, is the first one more of a highlighter and the second one is a beautiful sheer glowy blush. My favorite.


The last three colors! These are more on the orange/pink/red side. Really love the first two, the last one is a bit too orange for me.

It’s a lovely palette, with a lot of different colors. It’s perfect when you love peachy blushed and when you are warm toned. Also, the price is very nice, only 7 euro! As I am more of a cold toned person, I could better go for the other blush palette by Freedom. But I still think it’s a beautiful palette, and I will try to use it more often!

Ps. for the Dutchies, here is the link to it on Boozyshop. It’s also available at Kruidvat.

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