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Hi guys,

A few days ago I came back from by citytrip to London. I’ve been there for 5 days, well 6 if you count the night we had to spend at the airport because we missed our flight. Never thought I would be the kind of person to miss a flight, but apparently I am lol. Despite of that, the trip was a lot of fun. My best friend and I visited our other best friend that lives there. If you would love to read about my days there, keep on reading!

For the London aftermovie, click here!!! London OOTD’s click here and here!


Our day started very early. The plane left at 8 a.m. and we were at Stansted Airport at 8 a.m. Benefit of the one hour difference. We took the Stansted Express to Liverpool Street Station, where Dani was waiting for us. Yay we were finally reunited again :). We dropped our luggage at here place. She had to go the the university, so Gaby and I went to see Oxford Street. How long can a shopping street be? ohmygod, but okay. Really loved the Disney store, it was so cute! We also found the Victoria Secret and all the other luxiours brands stores. A girl can dream…. We were just walking and out of the no where I saw the Ritz Hotel. I got a bit too excited, but that’s the Nothing Hill Hotel!! Honestly I don’t know how we walked, but suddenly we were at Buckingham Palace. There we meeted Dani again and she showed us the Westminster, the London eye, Trafalgar square and the Nandos. Can we please have a Nandos in the Netherlands. It was so delicious (and spicy, so spicy I was crying haha always get that with spicy chicken).


First we visited the Borough Market, it was very cute. After that we walked all the way to the Tower Bridge, whilst following the Thames Path. Then we took the train to the St. Pauls Cathedral and afterwards we went to the station where the Harry Potter platform is. Of course you had to pay to take a picture with it. We decided to go to Camden Town. I loved it, it was so different. The market was what I loved most, there was so much food to choose from, I couldn’t make a choice. In the end I went for falafel. It was so delicous! But then this happend:

Stupid bird attacked me and my falafel 😦 they better enjoyed it.

After Camden Town we went to the National gallery, we met with Dani again and ate at T.G.I. Fridays, listened to some live music at Leicester Square and went to the M&M’s store.


Today we went to Greenwich, to visit Dani’s University. It was so pretty there! We also went to Greenwich Park where we had this amazing view over London. Up on the hill was the Greenwich Timeline, very cool. After visiting her school we went back to the city to go to Harrods. Ohmygod, it was huge! I felt quite poor walking there. We also went to Hamleys, the big toystore. It was a lot of fun haha. And those Cinnabons we had were sooooo good. I want them again.

In the evening we walked through Chinatown and ate at Pizza Hut. Gaby and Dani went in the night to Ministry of Sound, but that was nothing for me so I stayed in the hostel and watched Gossip Girl hehe.


While they were still sleeping, I went to the Britisch Museum on my own. I really liked it, just being on my own. After the museum I went to Oxfort Street, searching for the Boots that selled NYX. I was in makeup heaven. They had so much, it was amazing! My hand ended up with lipstick everywhere and my eyebrows ended up being on fleek. (This is so 2016, but how else can I describe eyebrows that looked amazing?) Also found myself in the womens march out of nowhere, what was very crowded. So went for a walk in Hyde Park and James Park. Later on I met Dani and Gaby at Covent Garden, where we looked around. In the evening we went to Leicester Square again where we watched some busking. It was a lot of fun, all these people are so talented! Oh and had dinner at Nandos again #loveeeeeee


Our last day in London! We would fly back home in the evening, so we still had a whole day. We did some more sightseeing: Shakespears Globe, the Tate Modern and the Royal Albert Hall. The late afternoon we’ve spend at Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square again. I loved the Cinnabons and perfomences too much. It was so much fun to watch!

At 4 o’clock we left London to go back to the station to catch the train. We were on time, even early. But no, the trains didn’t work and we had to wait over one hour to get in the bus. So we were very late. I already gave up, but Gaby still had hope we would be on time. I never ran so hard in my life, seriously that was enough exercise for my whole life. When we were running to our gate, it was the final call for our plane. There was hope. But when we got there, they didn’t let us in. While the plane was still standing there, there were even still people walking on the stairs! But no, we had to spend the entire night at the airport, and also so much money for a new ticket. Thanks Ryanair, hope you are happy now. We weren’t the only ones though. The ticket line for Ryanair was huge, so many people missed their flight.

So instead of being home sunday evening, we had to spend the entire night at the airport. But I’m home now! Tired and poor and a lot of new memories richer.

I had a great time, I would love to go again! Also did some little makeup shopping there, but will post that another time. 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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