Adventures in Tam Côc | Travel Diary

After a few days in Hanoi, we left the city to go to a small village near Ninh Bình. 

March 22th
Early in the morning we left Hanoi with the bus to go to the village. It was a really tiny bus, but they use every space there is. Great if you’re a bit ill, but I survived.

After we arrived we made a little hike through the rice fields to a temple.  The view and mountains were so beautiful.

March 23th

Today we went for a bike ride to this view point.  The hike upstairs was so heavy but the view was totally worth it. It was amazing! After that we rode our bikes to the river to take a little romantic boat trip. We also went into this bat cave. Didn’t really like I though, bats are scary. 

March 24th
In the morning we had some Vietnamese cooking lessons, we learned how to make spring rolls and decorations. Really cute.

In the afternoon we went back with the bus to Hanoi. In the evening we had some dinner with the group and at night some drinks and a little party. It was lots of fun. We’re in Hanoi for the whole weekend. 

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HALONG BAY |Travel Diary

On Tuesday we went to the beautiful Halong Bay. We left really early because it was a four hour ride. So long omg. But totally worth it.

When we arrived there we went on this ‘cruise’ boat where we had some typical Vietnamese food. It was really good. From the roof you could see all the beautiful mountains in the water, ofcourse we had to do a little photoshoot.

The first stop we made was at a floating market, where we went for a little kayak ride. It was so beautiful and so much fun, but also so heavy because we had to paddle against the flow. 

After that we went to an island where we went up to the view point. It was so heavy but the view was amazing. Totally worth it.

Then it was time for the long way back. The sunset was beautiful from the boat. It was a great day. And halong bay was so beautiful.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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Birthday in Hanoi | Travel Diary

Sunday March 19th I flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam.

My flight was quite nice, but I was really tired so I slept almost the whole flight. When I arrived at the airport in Hanoi I had to wait over 2 hours to get my visa. They don’t really care about who is in line first here.

Around 8 pm Josie and I arrived at the hotel. Hanoi welcomed us with some rain. Our hotel room was nice, we had a 3 person bedroom that we shared with Cat, with whom I also stayed in Bangkok. After that we met the rest of our group and the group leader and we went for some drinks in a fancy hotel. I also got some street food with the other leader, because I didn’t have dinner yet. 

After the drinks we went to this backpackers hostel where we had a little party and also a random pub crawl. I still don’t know how we got there but it was lots of fun. And at 12 it was my birthday! It was a great night.

Monday March 20th

It is my birthday! So weird to be in a foreign country with strangers, but gladly the group is really fun. 
In the morning we went for a walk in the city. I didn’t think it could be possible but Hanoi is definitely crazier than Bangkok. But I really like the ambiance and how alive the city is. It’s great. We went to the temple of literature, very interesting.

After that we went for a Vietnamese lunch and I got this delicous noodle soup. And unexpectedly also this beautiful cake from my group. So sweet!

We also went to the puppet theater, it was fun to see but all in Vietnamese so you couldn’t really understand what was going on. 

 In my free time I did my nails, glitter gel nails. I bought a fake fjallraven backpack because my other one gave up on life and I went for some drinks at Legend beer where you had this great view over the big crazy and crowded roundabout. 

My birthday was lots of fun. I still can’t believe I’m 19 right now, but it was definitely one of the most special birthdays I ever had!

I will try to upload some posts about the other days as soon as possible. This one is already a week too late because my Internet was too bad, the pictures didn’t wanted to be uploaded, so annoying. Hope to post something soon! 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!!

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The temples of Ayutthaya | Travel Diary

My last day in Thailand I went to the temples of Ayutthaya. It is only 1 and half hour with the train from Bangkok. Also it was really cheap, for the third class I only paid 20 baht what is like 50 cent. In the Netherlands that would be impossible! The train ride was nice. 

When I arrived at Ayutthaya I didn’t really know what to do, because I didn’t expected it to be a huge city. But glady I met a nice French girl with who I spend the day. We hired a motorbike and discovered the lovely temples of Ayutthaya. First we were totally lost, but in the end we were great at finding the way! And I’m happy she was driving because the traffic in Thailand is just crazy everywhere.

The temples were really beautiful and so different from the ones in Bangkok. Apparently Ayutthaya was the capital before Bangkok, and because it was it’s 666 years birthday the entry of all the temples was free. That was nice 🙂 .
In the afternoon we visited a floating market where I had some dinner and after that it was time to go back with the train. This time the train took a little longer to get back. I also was lost when I had to walk back but glady I bummed into one of the girls from my next group and we found our hostel back. 

Right now I’m waiting for my taxi to pick me up to go to the airport. My Thailand adventure sadly will end today but I’m excited for the adventures in Vietnam. Thailand felt so much like home and I’m definitely coming back! But right now: Vietnam is waiting for me 🙂

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Unicorns in Bangkok | Travel Diary

After my tour with the group I took the night train back to Bangkok. It was a long trip, the train had a delay of over one hour and all I wanted was sleeping. But in the end everything was fine and around 11 am I was in my hostel where I met two others girls from my next group. 

Around noon we went with the tuktuk to the Unicorn cafe. It was so cute, like so much pink and sugar and cuteness. It was amazing I loved it! And it smelled so sweet there and the food was all pink and cute.

After that we went in the evening to Chinatown. I loved it, it was huge and like you were walking in a Chinese city. We ate some delicous Chinese food on the street, it was great! I had a fun time 🙂

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Koh Phangan | Travel Diary

The last island we visited this tour. We stayed here for 3 days.


I don’t have any pictures of this day because my phone was in a rice bag. Also we travelled all day long. First we had to go two hours with the ferry from koh Phi Phi to the mainland, then around 4 hours in the bus to go to the other side of the country and then again 3 hours or so with the ferry. We arrived pretty late in the hostel and I was so sleepy with dinner.

DAY 10
Today I went to the Ang Thon National marine Park with a few others. With the speed boat we went there. First we did some snorkeling, walking to the view point and kanoën.  It was so much fun and so beautiful! With the kanoën we also went in a cave, it was so small that you had to lay down and then the ceiling of the cave was so close, it was crazy. In the evening we just went to the bar for some drinks and in the evening I went for a walk on the beach.

DAY 11

Our full last day on Koh Phangan. Early in the morning we went away with the scooter to go to a waterfall in the middle of the island and to malubi beach. At first I was little bit scared to drive here because there are a lot of hills and they drive to the left. But I they end I dared to do it and it was so much fun! 

Also I found this palmtree and it was so beautiful, but it was so hard to take a picture, because the first time I fell of the palm tree into the sea oops.

In the evening we went to watch the sunset with the whole group and some dinner. After that again to the bar and I met finally some Dutch guys. It was great to finally speak my own language again! We also did some night swimming in the pool with a few, it was crazy haha

So now I’m waiting for my taxi to come, my ferry leaves at 14.30 and will bring me back to Surathani station where I will take the night train back to Bangkok. I have to go all one my own, little bit scary but it will be okay 🙂 (Update: Everything went fine with the ferry and bus, now I’m just waiting for my train in a cute restaurant where I ate some fried rice with watermelon shake. I’m halfway there!)

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Koh Phi Phi | Travel Diary

Last day of the tour today, in a few hours I’ll go with the ferry back to Surathani and take the night train back to Bangkok.But first a short post about Koh Phi Phi 🙂


Today we travelled from the Khao Sok National Park to the Island Koh Phi Phi. We arrived there at noon, just before sunset so I went to the view point to see it. It was really beautiful. In the evening we had a beach party, it was so much fun! And it’s so beautiful here 🙂


Today we could had a free morning so it was possible to sleep very long. Instead of sleeping I went to the beach with a few girls, the water is so nice and warm here. Later we went to Maya Bay with the whole group. We first had to swim from the boat to the cave to get there. It was really pretty. Sadly I brought my phone with me to Maya Bay because they say it is waterproof, but apparently not ocean proof. So I was a little bit stressed in yhe evening because my phone didn’t want to charge. In my pyjamas I went over the island searching for phone fixing shop but it was closed already.  Glady we could get some rice and now it’s working again 🙂

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    Night train & Khao Sok National Park | Travel Diary

    On Wednesday we took the night train from Bangkok to Surathani. After that we went to the Khao Sok National Park.

    DAY 4
    We arrived at 7 in the morning in Surathani with the train. I slept really good actually. We had some breakfast in across the train station where we waited for the mini van to take us to the lake. There we took the longtail boat to our accomodation. We slept on the lake of the Khao Sok National Park, it were floating houses on the lake. On our way there we went swimming in the lake. In the afternoon we took the boat again to the jungle, there we got a tour through the jungle and to a cave. It was so cool, we had to walk and sometimes even swim trough the water in cave. There we also a lot of waterfalls. 

    In the evening we ate some delicous Thai food and did some drinking games. It was a lot of fun.

    DAY 5

    We left the boat houses by boat and went by van to the mainland of the Khao Sok National Park. We first made a stop at the monkey temple where we could feed and cuddle the monkeys. Some were a little scary. 

    The appartement where we stayed next was so beautiful. We had some free time and I chose to go bathing with the elephant. It was very beautiful.

    In the evening we went to a reggae bar where we drank some cocktails and played some games. It was lots of fun.

    I’ll post something about the other days as soon as possible! I’m visiting the islands right now and it’s so beautiful!

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    BANGKOK | Travel Diary

    It’s my third day in Thailand now and I’m really liking it so far. Tonight I will leave Bangkok to go to the south.

    DAY 1

    First day in Bangkok! I arrived in the morning at the airport, where I had to find the driver who would bring me to the hotel. It took me an hour or something because I got the wrong information of where he was, but I finally found him. It was already so hot in Bangkok, over 35 degrees.

    When I arrived, I couldn’t find my hostel. Again. I’m so bad at finding things. But when I arrived I met some others from the trip and we went to the temple together. It was very beautiful.

    In the evening we had this welcome dinner with the whole group. The Thai food is soooo good. I had chicken massaman curry and a watermelon juice. After the dinner we went to koa San road to a rooftop bar with life music where we drank some cocktails. I was really tired because of the time difference so after that I went back.

    DAY 2

    Today we went on a temple tour. We first went to the temple of dawn, the white temple. It was again really beautiful. After that we went on the boat to the other side of the river to the other temple (I forgot the name) It was this beautiful big golden temple complex. It had a few meter long boeddha in side. It was huge.

    Around 3 we were back and I had this Thai massage. It hurts so much haha.  

    For dinner I had noodles this time. And after dinner we went to a rooftop bar with a few where you had this amazing view over the temples we visited. For the way back we had  go with 7 in a tuktuk. It was crazy haha

    DAY 3

    Last day in Bangkok. Today I went to the floating market with a few others. But before that we went to a market on a train rail where the train was only a few centimeters away from your face when it came by. It was really weird.

    The floating market was really interesting. We went on a boat and could see how the people live. It’s so different. 

    In the afternoon it was time to pack to go on the night train to  to the south of Bangkok.  That’s where I am right now, and we will go to the national park and have a jungle trek. 

    I’m loving it so far, just Asia in general. It’s amazing! The food is so good, the people are so kind and the country is beautiful.

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    Thailand here I come

    Right now I’m at Helsinki airport. Waiting for my flight to Bangkok. It still feels so unreal, but I’m not that nervous anymore.

    This morning I woke up at 6.30 in the morning. I was so tired, until I realised today is the day I’m going to Thailand! I flew from Zaventum, Brussel to Helsinki where I will fly further to Bangkok. Tomorrow morning I will arrive there. 
    I will be travelling with a group of other backpackers through Thailand. After two weeks I’ll go to Vietnam, to travel there with another group. After Vietnam I was planning to go to Cambodia. 

    I will try to blog about my journey as much a possible, but there will be a chance I won’t post in a while. (This week I also didn’t post anything because I was too busy with packing my backpack) 

    I hope to write soon about my time here! 

    I may post some more on my instagram, so if you want to keep up with me, you can follow me here.

    Have a lovely day xxx

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