Last day of 2016, time flies. I would say when you’re having fun, what I definetly had this year, but also a lot of sad things happend this year in the world. So much hate and violence, so many people died. In the years before it happend too, but it seemed worse in 2016. Yet, for me personally it was a good year. Okay this wasn’t really a happy intro, but you can’t ignore the tragic things that happen in the world. But for now I want to focus on the positive and happy things.

This was the year I turned 18, the year I graduated high school, the year of my senior prom, the year I had the opportunity to travel to Tenerife, Prague, Milan, Venice and a lot more. The year I didn’t go to college after high school and decided to have a gap year, the year that I started this blog. It was also a year full with learning , not in school but in life, learning about myself, have confidence, stand on my own, how the world works. Kind of getting mature, that may be the hardest part of this year for me, but also something good. I’m thankfull for all the beautiful moments and memories I got this year. I hope that I can make much more next year. I hope that there will finally come peace in the world. And I hope that next year I will finally stick to my New Years Resolutions. Probably not but I will make them anyway.

  1. Post a blog every two days, or more often if possible
  2. Start the Spanish course
  3. Go to the gym every week or more (somewhere around Christmas it went wrong this year)
  4. Drink enough water
  5. Get enough sleep (8 hours or more)
  6. Spend less money on things I don’t need (this one is so hard haha)
  7. Get into college

I wish you all a happy new year, may it be a year full of happiness and love. 🙂


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Cakes & Shakes | A day in my life


Well a better title to describe yesterday may be: cakes, tea, burgers, fries and shakes but that is a bit long haha. Yesterday I went shopping in Maastricht, this time with my parents and sister. We visited the Christmas Market, sadly Santa wasn’t there anymore. But I found a Nutcracker ornament for in the tree! I already posted something about the Christmas Market in Maastricht, read that here. 🙂

We found two very cute places where we ate. The first one was a cute little place where they had the most amazing cupcakes and cakes. It was called Taart. The place was so cute, it looked old, like you were visiting your grandparents. I finally had my little tea party (without a tea gown, but that’s okay). They also served the tea and cakes on this beautiful vintage looking crockery. The cakes also looked and tasted amazing! For sure a go to when you are in Maastricht 🙂

In the evening we dined at Patty ‘n Bun, a place where you can eat amazing burgers, fries and shakes. I also posted this picture on instagram:

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Ohmy😱😍 🍦🍨🍫🍩#foodporn

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The food was sooooo good! It tasted amazing, and it also looked amazing. I had these guacamole fries, so jummy! As a dessert my dad and I shared this Freak Shake, with a donut on top. Also delicious. This place is also definitely a go to!

You can conclude that almost my whole day was eating, well it kinda was haha. But I also shopped a bit and did some sight seeing, but it was so crowded because there was sale everywhere. However, I had a really fun day with my family 🙂

Thank you for visiting, have a nice day! (wow one of the last days of 2016, that’s crazy)

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Sephora Must-have Makeup Palette


A while ago, when I was in Milan, I spotted the Sephora. Of course I had to visit, as we don’t have Sephora stores in the Netherlands. I did not really need something actually, but I bought this palette what Sephora called the Must Have Palette. Well as Sephora says so, I must have it right? So I bought it. May be handy for trips or vacations I thought. Well, it may be, but I wouldn’t know as I did not use it once since I’m home. (It’s been 5 months or so that I’m back home oops). Until now that I forced myself to finally swatch the colors, and I’m surprised!


The packaging is very cute and girly with the pink tones. It looks like a little notebook. The size is very small and it is compact to take with you. There are four eyeshadow, a blush, a bronzer and a mirror inside. They also put in a description on how to use the shades in French and English.


The eyeshadow colors are very natural, nothing crazy. The white and dark brown one are matte, the two others a glittery (very glittery). The blush and bronzer contain both glitters.


Left to right: 1 Delicate matte beige, 2 Luminous gold, 3 Metallic taupe, 4 Intense matte brown

The pigment is great! The dark brown matte color is perfect for the crease, the white one for the brow bone and one of the glittery colors on the eyelid and you have a fun eyelook. Perfect to take with you on a trip or something.


The blush is a beautiful pink, and also very pigmented wow. The bronzer is more gold, I don’t think this is a good color to contour or something. Maybe when you are already a bit sunkissed, that you can create a glow with this. But I don’t really like that bronzer, it’s too gold/orange/glittery.


The first eyelook I created was with the colors 4 Intense matte brown and 3 Metallic taupe. I tried making a soft smokey eye. Using the matte brown as the dark color, more dark on the eyelid and blending it softer upwards with a little help of the color 1 Delicate matte beige to soften the edges. With the metallic taupe on the middle of the eyelid I wanted to create a pop of light, to make it less dark.


The other look was supposed to be a more wearable look for day time. I used the Intense matte brown in the crease and the Luminous gold on the eyelid. But it became one big glitter eye. The luminous gold shade has a lot of fall out, so the glitters are everywhere.

For a natural matte look you can also use the matte brown in the crease and the delicate matte beige on the lid. But I wanted to try out the glitter eyeshadows for a more festive look. So this palette gives you the possibility to create 3 kinds of looks: a natural one, a silver party one and a gold party one.

The palette is fine. It has a great size for taking it with you and the little mirror is also handy. The colors are pigmented and good to make different looks. The only disadvantage is that they are very powdery and give a lot of fall out.The blush is also pretty, but the bronzer is too gold. Personally I wouldn’t use it. But the palette is great to take with you for touching ups or trips 🙂

The palette is available here. The site says it costs $18, but I believe I payed less for it haha.

Thanks for visiting!

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Christmas & Glitters


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your family/friends and had a delicious dinner. I’ve eaten a lot of tasty food and had a lot of fun with my family. Can’t believe Christmas is over already 😦

This Christmas day I decided to wear something different than my pj’s haha. Normally the family dinner is at our house, but this time we went to my aunt, so I had to dress up. I got this beautiful glitter skirt for Christmas Eve, so that was perfect to wear! It is so glittery, I left a whole track of glitters everywhere ooops.


The skirt is from H&M, just as the shirt. I combined it with my boots, to make it a bit warmer. We were a bit in a hurry so I couldn’t make very good photo’s sadly.


For makeup I also went a bit more festive, I added some glitters to my eyes. I did not have a lot of time to do full glam 😦

That was my outfit for Christmas Day. It was a fun day, I had a lovely breakfast with my parents and sister before work (very early) and a delicious dinner with my family at my aunt. Christmas Eve, I’ve worked also and had a delicous Indonesian dinner at my grandparents. On Boxing Day, (in my last post I called it “Second Christmas Day” lol, my dad corrected me) I’ve worked all day. I’ve spended more time at work this Christmas than home, but that makes the moments with the family more special :).

Well that’s it. It’s sad that Christmas is already over, but it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!

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All I want for Christmas is… FOOD!


Tonight it’s finally Christmas Eve! I’m so excited. This whole week I was in a Christmas mood and in a baking Christmassy food mood. And now that Christmas is only one day away, I thought it was time to share it!

On Monday I decided to bake some Christmas tree cookies. I didn’t have tree mold, so I printed a drawing of a Christmas tree and placed that on the dough. Worked very good for me! My sister helped me decorate them. I think they turned out very cute, and most important: very delicious!

Wednesday I cooked a pre-Christmas dinner for my parents, my sister and me. We decided to celebrate Christmas already with the four of us, as we don’t have time on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Second Christmas day because of working a lot and going to both family sides.. (I don’t know why, but we have a Second Christmas day in the Netherlands. We also have a Second Easter day….)

For the amuse I made a cheese crul filled with ricotta and herbs. For the entree I made carpaccio made out of tomato, but it was more a caprese salad. For the main course I made chicken filled with pesto and mozerella with pomme duchesse made out of sweet potato, French beans and a piece of dragon fruit.

For desert I made tiramisu. So yummy! The egg-white was left so I made merengue out of it.

I really enjoyed the dinner, we had a lot of fun. It was a good start of Christmas 🙂

This year I decided that I really wanted to make a gingerbread house. I found this DIY package at the Flying Tiger, it’s a Danisch store. I really like how it turned out, but ohmygod it was so horrible to put it together! My glace didn’t want to dry and when I finally thought I got the pieces together, everthing fell and one piece broke 😦 . Maybe I used the wrong product to stick them together, I don’t know, but I was glad when I finally got it. It’s a sin to eat it!

Well that was all the Chrismas food I made this week, I’m really looking forward to the Chrismas dinners that are waiting for me haha 🙂

Hope you liked it, have a nice day and a Merry Christmas! Have fun with your family and enjoy the delicous food!

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Silver Plissé | OOTD


Hi guys,

In the post about meeting Mascha/Beautygloss I said I wanted to make a post about the outfit I was wearing that night. Well here it is! (PS excuse my makeupless face in the pictures, my skin is very bad at the moment and I want to keep it clean 🙂 )

I was wearing this silver plissé skirt that I’ve found a Primark for €17. I was already searching for a more affordable one, so I couldn’t let this one hang there! I like how flowy and girly these skirts are, they make you feel like a ballerina.

For the top, I am wearing a black knitted jumper by H&M. I found it in the sale for only €5, it kind of was a lucky shopping day for me. I decided to tuck the top in my skirt, but I also see a lot of fashion blogger who only tuck the front in. I’ve tried that too, but it makes me look like a potato.

For shoes I chose these cut out boots, these are from Van Haren. Some high heels would also look lovely, it would make it so classy and glam!

Well that’s it for the outfit. Normally I don’t really wear something like this, so it feels a bit weird. But I also really liked this item so I’m excited to try more of this!

Hope you liked it, have a lovely day!

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I HEART Makeup Highlighters & Blush


Recently I’ve purchased these I HEART Makeup products.They look so cute! I just couldn’t resist them. I have the Blushing Hearts in Candy Queen Hearts, Goddes of Love highlighter and the Unicorn Heart highlighter. They are all around €6 euro. For the dutchies: I bought them at Kruidvat, but Boozyshop sells them as well.

Unicorn Heart


This is my favorite one. Just look at it! It’s so pretty and it’s a rainbow! I love it! (maybe I am a bit overly excited oops)


Here are the swatches of all the seperate colors. As you can see they really have color and they are very shimmery.


This is the ‘rainbow’. Did not really work out as I wanted, it’s mostly blue. When you swipe through all the colors together you get also a glowy blue highligther.


The rainbow effect is a little bit showable, but it’s mostly a very bright glow. I like it, but more for fun. It’s fun to play with it but not very wearable for everyday. But I still love it!

Goddes of Love


The other highlighter! This one is more wearable and also more natural. It gives a natural glow, I really like that.


It’s a cool toned glowy color. In the packaging it looks a warm toned color but on the skin it is cool toned, interesting. It contains glitters but not as much, this makes it a subtile highlighter.


It gives a beautiful but subtile glow, not too much, but surely enough. I love it, especially for a natural everyday look.

Blushing Hearts Candy Queen of Hearts


The blush contains three colors, that you can wear seperate or together as one color. It’s a cool toned pink blush with also a lot of shimmer.


The colors don’t really show with the swatches. But they glow a lot.


On my face, it is a pigmentend pink glowy color, wow! I combined it with the Goddes of Love highlighter, they look great together. This is the third time I say it but: I love it!

Well, I think it’s clear that I’m really happy with my new products. The pigmentation is good, the price is great and one blush or highlighter contains a lot of product. Now I understand why they are totally hyped here in the Netherlands, they look cute and you get something good for a nice price. I’m a fan too!

Thanks for visiting, have a nice day!

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MEETING BEAUTYGLOSS | A day in my life


Yesterday I went to a show of my favorite Dutch Youtuber and ex-blogger Mascha / Beautygloss. She did a real life storytime. I really enjoyed the show and it was so much fun to see her finaly in real life! She was the first blogger I followed and she has taught me so much about beauty and makeup. I’ve always looked up to her and she is a great example for me, especially now I have a blog too. Fangirling a bit from the inside haha.

After the show it was time for a meet and greet. I got a photo with her wooohh! Couldn’t resist posting this photo on instagram.

I also got another picture and a picture with her friend Hella, she is also pretty well know. They are both so beautiful and kind!

For my outfit I wore this silver plissé skirt from Primark, a black knitted jumper by H&M and cut out boots from Van Haren, but I want to make a more detailed post about that 🙂

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!

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Winter Essentials

winter essentials.jpg

As it is getting colder and it is beginning to look a lot more like winter, I thought it was time for a winter essentials list.


Probably very obvious, but I am that kind of person that always forgets gloves or don’t feel the need to buy them. I always feel like oh I don’t need that, but I always regret it once I’m outside. So a good jacket, gloves/mittens and a warm scarf are definitely some winter essentials for me.


Getting cold is not on my list this winter, so some warm sweaters are also definitely a must! In this post I already showed my favorite sweaters of the moment. I just love sweaters so much, they are comfy and warm.


During autumn and winter I love to wear boots. Sneaker are better for walking, but they give me cold ankles. My favorite boots at the moment are my ‘over the knee boots‘ (but they are actually: just under the knee boots) and my ankle boots. As long as they are warm it’s fine. Oh and don’t forget the warm fluffy socks!


Can’t forget a makeup look, natural makeup looks are my favorite. But I also love a dark lip for winter. And ofcourse we have the Christmas season where you can go wild with your makeup looks. I also love wearing no makeup during winter, my skin already gets affected so much by the cold weather.


The cold affects your skin so much, it’s very important to take a lot of care to it. My favorite body butters are the ones from the Body Shop. They make your skin so soft and they smell sooooo good!


Your skin always needs care, but during winter it needs some extra care. Try to stick to your morning and evening skin care routine and use a moisturising product in the evening. Also a face mask once in a while don’t hurt nobody!


I don’t know about you but my hands always get so dry! And my cuticuls also tear. It hurts so much. My favorite products to soften my hands are the Rituals Miracle Balm Cream (not sure if they still sell it, because I couldn’t find the products in the webshop) and the Lush Lemony Flutter. They work very good!


Just as my hands, my lips also get very dry and tear. I’ve tried a lot of products but the Burt Bees Lip Balms are definitely my favorites! I like the honey one the most, because that one smells so good.

I hope you liked it and that you could get something out of it! Let me know what your winter essentials are!

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Glitter Cut Crease


In this post, I showed the Primark Glitter Palette. To be honest, I had not really used it yet because the quality wasn’t great. But today I decided to try to make a cut crease with the glitter palette and even though I have glitters on my face EVERYWHERE (help) I’m really content with the look. It was my first time creating a proper cut crease, and I’m happy with the result.


For this look I used the glitter palette, a brown eyeshadow (the color I used is from the I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate pallete) and a concealer to cut the crease.


Here is a swatch of the glitter I used. In the pan it is a bit greasy, but it gets more glittery dry on the skin. The only problem is that the glitters smudge on the eye because of the warmth of your skin.

Step one


I started with blending the brown eyeshadow in the crease. It does not have to be very precise, we are going to clean it up later. I also blende the edges with a white eyeshadow to make it less harsh.

Step two


With the concealer we ‘cut the crease’. It’s the intention that the line is a bit more sharper, but hey first time, I still need practise. Also, don’t use to much concealer because when you use to much products this can smudge too.

Step three


Last step: add the glitters!! As you see on the last picture, the glitters already smudges a bit when I blinked sadly.

To complete the look I added a coat of mascara, some brown eyeshadow on the low lashline an I cleaned the edges.


And that’s the finished look! The glitters make it really festive, so it’s perfect for Christmas or New Years. I did not add a lipcolor, but I would go for a red or a nude color. The eyes already get so much attention because of the glitter and I always like the ‘rule’: Or bold eyes or bold lips. But in this case I think a red lipcolor would look lovely!

Hope you liked it! Have a nice day 🙂

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