I HEART MAKEUP Naked Chocolate Palette | Review


This palette is so adorable! Just look at the packaging, so cute how they made this chocolate bar. I’m owning this cute palette for a while now, and I figured it was time to review it on my blog.


The I HEART MAKEUP Naked Chocolate Palette really reminds me of the Too Faced Chocolate Palettes. I believe I HEART MAKEUP is known for the Too Faced dupes. They also have these heart blushes and highlighters that really look like the Too Faced ones.

The colors in this palette are so lovel. All very natural, but also great to make a more smokey look. I also love how they put in matte but also shimmery colors.


Smoothly – Divine – Mocha Lover – Dipped – Choc-fest

The first row of eyeshadow are very natural and shimmery, expect the first and last one.


Adorable – Buttons – Frosted Choc – Delight – Sweet Shop – Sugar

These colors are darker, and I feel like they also are more pigmented. Is that possible? Would be very strange actually. I’m really loving the color Frosted Choc. It’s so beautiful as a popping eyelid color. Most of the colors in this row are shimmery


Double dip – ‘Tob-le-rone’ – Wonka – Milky – Way

The last row, most of the colors in this row are matte. It stands out that the matte colors are less pigmented than the shimmery colors. They’re still great, just a little less pigmented.

The palette is really lovely. The shimmery colors are beautiful and very pigmented and in combination with the matte colors you can make amazing eyeshadow looks. The packaging is adorable, and another advantage is that the palette is affordable. It’s only €10. It’s great!

Thank you for visiting, have a lovely day! xxx

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21 thoughts on “I HEART MAKEUP Naked Chocolate Palette | Review

    1. I have the Too Faced Chocolate bon bons palette. I wrote a review about it that you can read here if you want to: https://lifeasdaisyblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/too-faced-bon-bons-chocolate-palette-review-makeup-looks-2/
      The too faced one is easier to blend in my opinion, and has more different colors to combine. The pigmentation is also a bit better, but therefore it’s also more expensive. The Naked Chocolate palette has a lot of colors that are almost the same, but the quality of the I Heart Makeup palettes aren’t bad at all. Their pigmentation is also great. They have more palettes, wich I believe are all inspired on the too faced palettes (I saw they now also have a peach palette). Honestly I grab my too faced palette more often than the I heart makeup one, but they are both great! The too faced one is just more my favorite, but these I Heart Makeup are a cheaper solution 🙂


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