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When you read this I’m probably on my way to London, or already there. I’m so excited, I always wanted to visit London and now I’m finally going to! To stay in the travel mood, I would like to share this book with you. I got this as a present from my uncle with Sinterklaas.


It’s written by Lonely Planet, they ranked the best 500 places in the world. Of course this is personal for everyone, but it’s fun to read. They added a description for every place and for the most also a photo. As you can see in the photo is Angkor Wat in Cambodia number one. I’m hoping to visit it this year!


I love how the book gives me ideas of futur destinations to travel to. The other thing that I really like is spotting places in the book that I’ve visit. That’s so fun to see. Among other things: 07 Colosseum, 16 Sagrada Familia, 25 Pyramids of Giza, 26 Piazza San Marco, 34 Charles Bridge, 37 Louvre, 40 Eiffel Tower, 44 Old Town Square Prague. Even places in the Netherlands as Anne Frank House and Prinsengracht Canal (As the Anne Frank House is in the Prinsengracht)


You also get this map with the top 100. You can hang it on the wall and pin the places you’ve visited. I would totally do this, but I already have another worldmap hanging where I pin my places.

I’m really happy with my book, I look in it like everyday. All those beautiful places, I can’t wait to visit them all. But first… London!

I’ve written some posts and planned them, hope I have internet so it works!

Thank you for visiting, have a lovely day!!

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Book review -Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer


Recently I’ve read the book Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I’ve bought it when I was in Italy because I run out of books. I’ve bought it for €5 euro, so that’s cheap. I looked it up online and the normal price for this book in the Netherlands is around €12 euro.

The book is about Oskar Schell, a nine year old boy. Oskar has lost his father at the 9/11 tragedy. When he is looking in his fathers closet, he finds a vase with an envelope in it. In this envelope he finds a key, and the word BLACK written on the inside of the envelope. Oskar decides to find out wich lock in New York belongs to the key. He hopes to find something about his father.

I liked the book. It is different compared to a lot of populair books. Also it is beautiful to see how Oskar grows and how he processes the loss of his father.

One thing about the book that I’ve found a bit difficult, is that it actually are two storylines in one book. Sometimes that’s a bit confusing. But it does not make the book worse, I think the other storyline makes it interesting.

I don’t want to spoil anything about the book, so I’m sorry if it is a little bit short. But I have to say, even if it was an impulse purchase, I totally do not regret it.

Thankyou so much for reading. Have a nice day!