Hello, my name is Daisy, I am 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I write about beauty, travelling, food, my life, my thoughts and books as often as I can.

September 2016 was where it all started. I had a gap year and I decided to finally fulfill my dream and start a blog. I chose for the name Life as Daisy because I do not want to be nailed down to one subject as makeup or fashion, but I want to write about everything that interests me. Life as Daisy is a blog with a wide range of topics, it is a blog with topics that I am interested in, it is a personal blog. Besides my personal life, my thoughts and what keeps me busy I also write a lot about beauty/makeup and travelling. So do not worry, it is not all about me. I am just happy that I have my little space where I can write about the things I like!

Well that is a short story about why I started my blog, what I write mostly about and a bit who I am.


PS. For more information about me, read my blogpost called ‘About me‘ and ‘Get to know me‘. I also wrote a blog about my experience with a gap year, read that here.

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