Where to eat: Streetfood Eindhoven |Best(ies) Lunch

Hi guys!

Recently I came up with this new idea. My bestfriend Gaby (follow her 🙂 ) and I try to have a date every week, and most of the times we go for lunch. As we want to try something new every time, we decided to write about it and share it with you guys! (Also, mostly all the spots are in the Netherlands. But when we go abroad we’ll definitely share that too!)

This week we ate at Streetfood Eindhoven in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The place is really small, but in summer and spring when the weather is good, they have a nice terrace. Streetfood Eindhoven is in the center of the city, where all the shopping stores are at the Catherinaplein.

The ambiance is great and the staff was really nice. I really liked it there and it also looked really nice.

On the menu, they have loads of drinks, special sandwiches and their main product: the streetbox.  You can put together the streetbox just as you want. Choose the shape of your fries, salt, sauce and snack. They also sell milkshakes and ‘special’ milkshakes as a Unicorn Milkshake.

Gaby ordered a home made ice green tea with a sandwich with carpaccio (her favorite sandwich, she is probably going to order it everywhere and see where you can get the best). I ordered a unicorn milkshake and a street box with curly fries, seasoned salt, ketchup and a kroket.

The food was really good and I liked how they served it. So cute! And the milkshake was so tasty and it looked adorable. It was really big and together with the delicious street box a bit heavy, but I loved it. Gaby her food was also great.

I really recommend going here if you ever get the chance. It’s an amazing place and they serve such delicious and original food, in a special way. I loved it! It is definitely one of my favorite places.

We will try to do this more often, every week if possible. I really enjoyed it and loved sharing my opinion about it with you! Have a lovely day! xxx

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I HEART MAKEUP Naked Chocolate Palette | Review


This palette is so adorable! Just look at the packaging, so cute how they made this chocolate bar. I’m owning this cute palette for a while now, and I figured it was time to review it on my blog.


The I HEART MAKEUP Naked Chocolate Palette really reminds me of the Too Faced Chocolate Palettes. I believe I HEART MAKEUP is known for the Too Faced dupes. They also have these heart blushes and highlighters that really look like the Too Faced ones.

The colors in this palette are so lovel. All very natural, but also great to make a more smokey look. I also love how they put in matte but also shimmery colors.


Smoothly – Divine – Mocha Lover – Dipped – Choc-fest

The first row of eyeshadow are very natural and shimmery, expect the first and last one.


Adorable – Buttons – Frosted Choc – Delight – Sweet Shop – Sugar

These colors are darker, and I feel like they also are more pigmented. Is that possible? Would be very strange actually. I’m really loving the color Frosted Choc. It’s so beautiful as a popping eyelid color. Most of the colors in this row are shimmery


Double dip – ‘Tob-le-rone’ – Wonka – Milky – Way

The last row, most of the colors in this row are matte. It stands out that the matte colors are less pigmented than the shimmery colors. They’re still great, just a little less pigmented.

The palette is really lovely. The shimmery colors are beautiful and very pigmented and in combination with the matte colors you can make amazing eyeshadow looks. The packaging is adorable, and another advantage is that the palette is affordable. It’s only €10. It’s great!

Thank you for visiting, have a lovely day! xxx

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Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb | Review


My favorite perfume is definitely Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. It is a few years ago when I discovered this wonderfull perfume. I recieved a sample of it with another perfume, and I fell in love immediately. It smells so good!


I was 15 or 16 when I smelled the perfume for the first time. I remembered it was so expensive, around €90. At the time I couldn’t afford it, so I saved some money and gift cards until I finally had the money. I think I was 17 when I purchased the perfume, almost 2 years ago.

Instead of only the perfume (50 mL), I choose the gift box. It was the same price, and I got a bodylotion and shower gel with it.( That I still haven’t used oops, they just smell too good ) I love the design of the box, the color is perfect and it’s so simple. Just as the bottle, it’s so simple but so beautiful and luxurious.


Flowerbomb is an eau de parfum, so it’s stronger and stays on all day. I barely have to put it on later on the day. Most of the time, I only wear it for special occasions. That’s because it’s quite expensive and for me it’s a special parfum.

The perfume smells, as the name says, like flowers. It has a sweet smell, but not to much. I find it very femine, but also girly. (is that a thing?) Sephora describes it as a floral explosian, I think that’s the right thing to say.

Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli.
Oriental. Gourmand. Floral.

I really love this perfume, it’s been my favorite for a few years now and I still haven’t smelled a parfum that could beat this one.

Thank you so much for visiting, have a lovely day!

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NYX Lingerie | Review


A while ago, when I was in London I purchased some products from NYX. I already wrote a review about the brow pomade and liquid suede so now it’s time for the NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick! I had seen so much pictures already of all the beautiful colors, so I was glad that I could finally check them out myself.


The applicator is different from the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream lipsticks. This one is a bit longer and thinner, what makes it easier to apply the lipstick. The color stays for a long time on the lips, and it doesn’t feel drying at all!


I went for the color Embellishment. It’s a greyish/purple color, very cool toned also. This one grabbed my attention immediately. I love how it is a nude color, as all the colors in the NYX Lingerie line, but it’s also very different from the others because of the purple in it.

Once again, NYX doens’t dissapoint me. I love their products and I’m looking forward trying out more beautiful lippies!

Have a lovely day! I’m having snow here in the Netherlands, it always comes so random and unexpected haha. My cute little bunny loves it though!
Lots of love xxx

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MAKEUP REVOLUTION ultra contour palette | Review


In a lot of my MOTD posts, I tell I use the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette for contour. (for example here, here and here) I thought it was time to properly write about the palette, as I use it almost everytime I put on makeup.


This is what the colors look like, please don’t mind the quit dirty mirror and just everything. I have it for over a year now, and I also used it a lot. The palette contains 8 colors to contour and highlight. The first row are highlight colors. The first two are matte, pink toned and yellow. (reminds me of the banana powder). Honestly I barely use them, because I always use another finishing powder. Sometimes I use the yellow one under my eyes though, to make me look more awake. The two highlighters next to it are beautiful! I love the third one in the row the most for a natural glowy highlighter. It gives a lovely glow, but not like bam NikkiTutorials glow (love that though, but personally not for everyday). The other one is soooo pretty, that’s the one I use when I want a cool toned more shiney highlighter.

The second row are the contour colors. Actually I only use the second one, because I had the feeling that looks the best on my skin. Cool toned again. But after I made some swatches, I saw that the first and third are also quit fitting!


Here you see the swatchs of the first row, the ‘highlight’colors. The pigmentation is great. Also the difference between the two highlighter is showable here.


The contour colors! These also are very pigmented. The last color is a shimmery bronzy color. I think it would be lovely for a summer bronzed look!


On an everyday basis, I always try to keep my contour and highlight as natural as possible. Most of the times I use the third highligther. On the picture above you can see the contour and highlighter together. For me this was quit much contour.

I really love the palette. The colors are great for me, the pigmentation is very good and it’s also affordable. It’s only 10 euro! I recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for a affordable powder contour palette.

Thank you very much for visiting. Have a lovely day!

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CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Matte


Today I want to share with you this beautiful pink/red lipstick from CHANEL. It’s my first and only high end product. And it’s so beautiful, so luxuriance and so special.


The design is amazing! You can click the gold part into the black case. At first I was searching like huh how does this go open, but when you get it it is so much fun how it clicks in and out.


The color is a beautitful red/pink shade. The lipstick also feels very soft on the lips, with applying it goes so smooth and soft. It also doens’t dry your lips out at all, whilst it is a matte lipstick! Probably the reason why it’s called Rouge Allure Velvet Matte. (edit: saw that I totally forgot to mention what the colorshade was: 347 LA MERVEILLEUSE)


This was the look I was wearing with the beautiful lipstick. Flawless skin, beautiful glow, big lashes and bold lips. I love it, it’s so ‘natural , yet very classy and timeless. And that all because of a beautiful lipstick. Thanks Chanel, it’s amazing.

Thank you all so much for visiting, have a lovely day!

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Ultimate Travelist


When you read this I’m probably on my way to London, or already there. I’m so excited, I always wanted to visit London and now I’m finally going to! To stay in the travel mood, I would like to share this book with you. I got this as a present from my uncle with Sinterklaas.


It’s written by Lonely Planet, they ranked the best 500 places in the world. Of course this is personal for everyone, but it’s fun to read. They added a description for every place and for the most also a photo. As you can see in the photo is Angkor Wat in Cambodia number one. I’m hoping to visit it this year!


I love how the book gives me ideas of futur destinations to travel to. The other thing that I really like is spotting places in the book that I’ve visit. That’s so fun to see. Among other things: 07 Colosseum, 16 Sagrada Familia, 25 Pyramids of Giza, 26 Piazza San Marco, 34 Charles Bridge, 37 Louvre, 40 Eiffel Tower, 44 Old Town Square Prague. Even places in the Netherlands as Anne Frank House and Prinsengracht Canal (As the Anne Frank House is in the Prinsengracht)


You also get this map with the top 100. You can hang it on the wall and pin the places you’ve visited. I would totally do this, but I already have another worldmap hanging where I pin my places.

I’m really happy with my book, I look in it like everyday. All those beautiful places, I can’t wait to visit them all. But first… London!

I’ve written some posts and planned them, hope I have internet so it works!

Thank you for visiting, have a lovely day!!

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Freedom Blush Palette | Review


The Freedom Pro Blush Palette Peach and Baked is a beautiful palette. I have it for a while now, but never really used it. ( Yet again this was a “ohmygod so cute I need this let’s buy this but totally forget about it”product, I need help) The only color I used is the shiny pink one in the middle because it is a sheer color.


The palette contains 6 peachy blushes, one pink sheer glittery blush and one highlighter color. The 6 colors are really pigmented, and some are a little bit too orange, it shocked me. As I told in the intro, the pink sheer color is my favorite. The blushes feel really soft on the skin, and they apply very easily.


These are the first three colors on the left. Sadly they don’t have names. But as you can see they are really pigmented and orange/brownie (well the last two). The two orange/brown colors aren’t really what I like, but the first pink/rose color is a beauty. Maybe I am going to wear that one more often.


Here are the two colors in the middle. As you can see they aren’t as pigmented as the other colors, but I like that for a blush. I’m always scared that I end up with way too much blush on my cheeks and look like a clown. In my opinion, is the first one more of a highlighter and the second one is a beautiful sheer glowy blush. My favorite.


The last three colors! These are more on the orange/pink/red side. Really love the first two, the last one is a bit too orange for me.

It’s a lovely palette, with a lot of different colors. It’s perfect when you love peachy blushed and when you are warm toned. Also, the price is very nice, only 7 euro! As I am more of a cold toned person, I could better go for the other blush palette by Freedom. But I still think it’s a beautiful palette, and I will try to use it more often!

Ps. for the Dutchies, here is the link to it on Boozyshop. It’s also available at Kruidvat.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!

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LUSH Sugar Plum Fairy Lipscrub | Review


When I was in Maastricht, I bought this lipscrub by LUSH. I’ve really wanted a lipscrub for so long, but I never bought it because it is kinda expenive. But it was sale and all the Christmas products were for 50% off, so I got this Christmas lipscrub.


The product is blue/purple and smells really sweet. The Lush sweet, like when you get in the store, that smell. It is not really possible to describe, but if you know the Lush smell, you probably understand it.

The packaging promises to give me magical soft lips. It is mostly made out of sugar and jojoba oil, all natural.


This is what the scrub looks like on the lips. Sugary and a bit blue. It tastes good too.

My lips didn’t really look any different, they felt softer but that was it. I like the product, it looks cute, it smells good and it’s fun. But honestly, I wouldn’t pay the full price (10 euro) for it. This is something I can make myself with honey/oil and sugar. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Lush, but I’m happy I bought it in the sale and I feel that this products is a bit overpriced.

Have a lovely day!

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Sephora Must-have Makeup Palette


A while ago, when I was in Milan, I spotted the Sephora. Of course I had to visit, as we don’t have Sephora stores in the Netherlands. I did not really need something actually, but I bought this palette what Sephora called the Must Have Palette. Well as Sephora says so, I must have it right? So I bought it. May be handy for trips or vacations I thought. Well, it may be, but I wouldn’t know as I did not use it once since I’m home. (It’s been 5 months or so that I’m back home oops). Until now that I forced myself to finally swatch the colors, and I’m surprised!


The packaging is very cute and girly with the pink tones. It looks like a little notebook. The size is very small and it is compact to take with you. There are four eyeshadow, a blush, a bronzer and a mirror inside. They also put in a description on how to use the shades in French and English.


The eyeshadow colors are very natural, nothing crazy. The white and dark brown one are matte, the two others a glittery (very glittery). The blush and bronzer contain both glitters.


Left to right: 1 Delicate matte beige, 2 Luminous gold, 3 Metallic taupe, 4 Intense matte brown

The pigment is great! The dark brown matte color is perfect for the crease, the white one for the brow bone and one of the glittery colors on the eyelid and you have a fun eyelook. Perfect to take with you on a trip or something.


The blush is a beautiful pink, and also very pigmented wow. The bronzer is more gold, I don’t think this is a good color to contour or something. Maybe when you are already a bit sunkissed, that you can create a glow with this. But I don’t really like that bronzer, it’s too gold/orange/glittery.


The first eyelook I created was with the colors 4 Intense matte brown and 3 Metallic taupe. I tried making a soft smokey eye. Using the matte brown as the dark color, more dark on the eyelid and blending it softer upwards with a little help of the color 1 Delicate matte beige to soften the edges. With the metallic taupe on the middle of the eyelid I wanted to create a pop of light, to make it less dark.


The other look was supposed to be a more wearable look for day time. I used the Intense matte brown in the crease and the Luminous gold on the eyelid. But it became one big glitter eye. The luminous gold shade has a lot of fall out, so the glitters are everywhere.

For a natural matte look you can also use the matte brown in the crease and the delicate matte beige on the lid. But I wanted to try out the glitter eyeshadows for a more festive look. So this palette gives you the possibility to create 3 kinds of looks: a natural one, a silver party one and a gold party one.

The palette is fine. It has a great size for taking it with you and the little mirror is also handy. The colors are pigmented and good to make different looks. The only disadvantage is that they are very powdery and give a lot of fall out.The blush is also pretty, but the bronzer is too gold. Personally I wouldn’t use it. But the palette is great to take with you for touching ups or trips 🙂

The palette is available here. The site says it costs $18, but I believe I payed less for it haha.

Thanks for visiting!

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