I HEART Makeup Highlighters & Blush


Recently I’ve purchased these I HEART Makeup products.They look so cute! I just couldn’t resist them. I have the Blushing Hearts in Candy Queen Hearts, Goddes of Love highlighter and the Unicorn Heart highlighter. They are all around €6 euro. For the dutchies: I bought them at Kruidvat, but Boozyshop sells them as well.

Unicorn Heart


This is my favorite one. Just look at it! It’s so pretty and it’s a rainbow! I love it! (maybe I am a bit overly excited oops)


Here are the swatches of all the seperate colors. As you can see they really have color and they are very shimmery.


This is the ‘rainbow’. Did not really work out as I wanted, it’s mostly blue. When you swipe through all the colors together you get also a glowy blue highligther.


The rainbow effect is a little bit showable, but it’s mostly a very bright glow. I like it, but more for fun. It’s fun to play with it but not very wearable for everyday. But I still love it!

Goddes of Love


The other highlighter! This one is more wearable and also more natural. It gives a natural glow, I really like that.


It’s a cool toned glowy color. In the packaging it looks a warm toned color but on the skin it is cool toned, interesting. It contains glitters but not as much, this makes it a subtile highlighter.


It gives a beautiful but subtile glow, not too much, but surely enough. I love it, especially for a natural everyday look.

Blushing Hearts Candy Queen of Hearts


The blush contains three colors, that you can wear seperate or together as one color. It’s a cool toned pink blush with also a lot of shimmer.


The colors don’t really show with the swatches. But they glow a lot.


On my face, it is a pigmentend pink glowy color, wow! I combined it with the Goddes of Love highlighter, they look great together. This is the third time I say it but: I love it!

Well, I think it’s clear that I’m really happy with my new products. The pigmentation is good, the price is great and one blush or highlighter contains a lot of product. Now I understand why they are totally hyped here in the Netherlands, they look cute and you get something good for a nice price. I’m a fan too!

Thanks for visiting, have a nice day!

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