Photography: Strijp S


Hi guys,

In this outfit post I already said something about this place called StrijpS. It’s also seen in this outfit post.

Strijp S used to be fabrics and companies all from Philips (from the electronics and lamps, it all started in my hometown). Now there live people, there are stores, even a high school and it still looks like how it used to be. When I was younger, I did not like the place. It is different, urban and artistic. But it is also perfect for taking pictures, skating and it’s full with particular art. Strijp S even has it’s own website, here.

There are a lot of delicous restaurants, like a bagel restaurant, a healty/vegan restaurant and a delicous gelateria. My favorite is Onder de Leidingstraat, their oatmeal cupcake and carrot cake are to die for. And it’s healty! I used to work in a little bookshop there, and the times that I got one of those goodies where the best. Also Soul Kitchen is very cute, every week there is a different menu (also the only thing you can order that week) and it looks like you are visting someone. It’s one big livingroom!

I’ll stop rambling and start sharing the photos! I know they aren’t very artistic or something, but I just wanted to give you a little look into Strijp S.



It was a lot of fun to share a place I like. Hope you like it too!

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day.

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