BANGKOK | Travel Diary

It’s my third day in Thailand now and I’m really liking it so far. Tonight I will leave Bangkok to go to the south.


First day in Bangkok! I arrived in the morning at the airport, where I had to find the driver who would bring me to the hotel. It took me an hour or something because I got the wrong information of where he was, but I finally found him. It was already so hot in Bangkok, over 35 degrees.

When I arrived, I couldn’t find my hostel. Again. I’m so bad at finding things. But when I arrived I met some others from the trip and we went to the temple together. It was very beautiful.

In the evening we had this welcome dinner with the whole group. The Thai food is soooo good. I had chicken massaman curry and a watermelon juice. After the dinner we went to koa San road to a rooftop bar with life music where we drank some cocktails. I was really tired because of the time difference so after that I went back.


Today we went on a temple tour. We first went to the temple of dawn, the white temple. It was again really beautiful. After that we went on the boat to the other side of the river to the other temple (I forgot the name) It was this beautiful big golden temple complex. It had a few meter long boeddha in side. It was huge.

Around 3 we were back and I had this Thai massage. It hurts so much haha.  

For dinner I had noodles this time. And after dinner we went to a rooftop bar with a few where you had this amazing view over the temples we visited. For the way back we had  go with 7 in a tuktuk. It was crazy haha


Last day in Bangkok. Today I went to the floating market with a few others. But before that we went to a market on a train rail where the train was only a few centimeters away from your face when it came by. It was really weird.

The floating market was really interesting. We went on a boat and could see how the people live. It’s so different. 

In the afternoon it was time to pack to go on the night train to  to the south of Bangkok.  That’s where I am right now, and we will go to the national park and have a jungle trek. 

I’m loving it so far, just Asia in general. It’s amazing! The food is so good, the people are so kind and the country is beautiful.

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