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Oops, I did it again…

The sale is everywhere, and when I saw all the discount on eyeshadows at KIKO, I just had to get some. For a while now I was thinking about buying some more colorful colors, as I mostly only own basic nude colors. So when I saw all these colors at KIKO, I decided to buy a few. I don’t know the exact prices anymore, but they were all between €2 and €4!

This is such a beautiful blue, it’s the perfect color for a unicorn or mermaid inspired look. Well, that is also quite the reason why I bought these, for me “weird colors”. This is the color 29 from the smart eyeshadow line.

Normally, green is not really my color. But this green is so glowy! This is also really a unicorn green. It reminds me of the green that’s in de Unicorn Highlighter! This is color 84 from the High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow line. It is already pigmented, used dry. But when you use it wet, it gets more pigmented and also a beautiful glow.

I couldn’t resist this lovely pink color. It’s perfect for a romantic all pink makeup look! It’s color 18 from the smart eyeshadow line.

How beautiful is this eyeshadow! Look at the pattern, the color, the glitters, the glow. I love it so much, this is definitely my favorite purchase! It’s color 224 from the Water Eyeshadow line.

As last I got this beautiful glittery blue eyeshadow stick. Does it stand out that I only have bought glitter eyeshadows? It’s really pigmented. It’s color 112 from the Eyetech Look Eyeshadow line. Isn’t KIKO so original with their names for the colors?

I’m really happy with all my new eyeshadow colors, and also really excited to play with them! Can’t wait to share some new colorful looks with you!

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LUSH Sugar Plum Fairy Lipscrub | Review


When I was in Maastricht, I bought this lipscrub by LUSH. I’ve really wanted a lipscrub for so long, but I never bought it because it is kinda expenive. But it was sale and all the Christmas products were for 50% off, so I got this Christmas lipscrub.


The product is blue/purple and smells really sweet. The Lush sweet, like when you get in the store, that smell. It is not really possible to describe, but if you know the Lush smell, you probably understand it.

The packaging promises to give me magical soft lips. It is mostly made out of sugar and jojoba oil, all natural.


This is what the scrub looks like on the lips. Sugary and a bit blue. It tastes good too.

My lips didn’t really look any different, they felt softer but that was it. I like the product, it looks cute, it smells good and it’s fun. But honestly, I wouldn’t pay the full price (10 euro) for it. This is something I can make myself with honey/oil and sugar. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Lush, but I’m happy I bought it in the sale and I feel that this products is a bit overpriced.

Have a lovely day!

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