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I’ve seen this photo so many times on facebook now, that I just had to share my experience with coconut oil. Indeed, it’s amazing and is a solution for so many things! However, coconut oil is not my whole life or someting like that, I mean some people use it for everything. There are a lot of health benefits and other benefits of coconut oil  to be found all over the internet, but I never really tried this. (maybe I should?) In this post I will tell you my tips and experience with coconut oil.


Coconut oil is so rich and oily, it’s perfect as a hair mask. It makes your hair really soft and shiney. I always brush my hair out, scoop some coconut oil out of my jar and warm it up in my hands above my head (so that the dripping oil falls on my head instead of on the floor), I devide it in my hair and leave it in for 30 minutes minimal. The longer the better. When washing it out, I only use shampoo. I have to wash it more than once before all the oil is out of my hair. (I mentioned this before in my post about my hair care routine.:) )



It also can be used as a makeup remover for your whole face, or only the eyes. I like it remove my eyemakeup with coconut oil. The grease works very good for removing mascara and eyeliner.


Coconut oil is perfect to moisturize your dry legs, knees, elbows, lips and even cuticles. It makes your skin so soft, and it smells lightly like coconut but it’s mostly odorless.


We used to use coconut oil to bake our meat and vegetables. It works really well! The only disadvantage is that coconut oil is hard when it’s cold, so you always have to scoop it out. I personally find it easier when cooking oil is liquid, so I prefer olive oil more to cook with.

These are my tips and what I use coconut oil for. There are a lot more things where you can use it for though, for example: as a shaving cream, oil pulling, to eat (it seems to be very good for you health). Sadly I can’t tell you if it really works, maybe I should try it out…

What are you experiences with coconut oil?

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Makeup Remover Cloth | Review


When I was in the primark, I found also this. A Makeup remover cloth. The packaging says you only have to wet the cloth and you can take of your makeup. Well I was really curious if it really works, so I decided to buy it and to try it out!


This is my face before, with makeup on. I’m wearing foundation, cream contour (I did this after the cream contour palette test), blush, highligter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows.


And this is my face after. You can’t really tell the difference, but most of my makeup is off! The face makeup was easy, only the mascara and eyeliner were a bit harder. So surprisingly, it works!

I filmed the process of taking my makeup off with the cloth. Hope you like it! If you can’t see the video, click here.


This is the after picture of the makeup remover cloth. (I forgat to take a before one, but the cloth is really soft) It’s full with makeup spots now! But it works! The only thing I’m asking myself is if it is hygienic, even if you wash it, it will be dirty…

The conclusion is: yes is works, but I’m not sure if I will use this daily. I think I prefer makeup remover over this cloth. But we’ll see.

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