Denim Overalls |OOTD


It’s been such a long time since I posted an outfit! This won’t be the last one, I promise. There are a few more on its way! As you can see, after two months traveling and making basic touristic travel pictures, my outfit posing skills still didn’t improve. The last photo proves the model life is not for me. Oh well…

In the Berlin Shoplog post, I already showed these lovely denim overalls from Primark. Aah, I love it so much. It’s so comfortable and in my opinion, it looks really cute and casual. As I may have mentioned before, I love comfortable and casual clothes. And if it looks nice, well that’s a great advantage.

I combined the denim overalls with a simple pinkish shirt from Bershka. It’s a crop top and a little bit wider, but long enough to fit in the overalls.

For shoes I chose for some black boots with a little heel from Van Haren, to make it a bit more feminine as the pants are quite baggy. Sneakers are also great, to make it extra casual.

My jewelry is all silver toned. Let’s start with the ears. In my, for you guys, left ear I’m wearing an interesting earring from Brandy Melville and a bali hoop that I bought in Cambodia. In the other ear, I’m wearing a ring with a little pendant and the one I got when my ears were pierced.

The necklace is from Tiffany’s & Co. The ring on the left hand was a present that I got in Hanoi, Vietnam for my birthday. The one, on the other hand, is from Swarovski, a present from my grandma for my 18th birthday.

And that’s the outfit! As the weather is getting better, it’s perfect for a spring or a not so hot summer day.

I will try to start blogging more again. I know I haven’t been that active the last 3 months, mostly because I just didn’t have any time. I want to start writing about makeup again, as I missed it so much! Blogposts are on its way 🙂

Thank you so much for visiting! Have a lovely day.

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we live by the sun | OOTD


The sun is finally shining!! What means, sunglasses, sandals, and light colored jeans. I think this outfit is perfect for a warmer spring day. With a delicious bubble tea of course.

The t-shirt is one of my favorites. I bought it in Cambodia and the fabric feels so nice. I really love the print on the shirt, it says: We live by the sun, we feel by the moon. And as the sun is shining, it’s the perfect shirt.

My jeans are from Berschka.  I love the color, and of course that it is high waisted. High waisted jeans are my favorite.

For shoes, I’m wearing these gladiator-inspired sandals from Primark. I bought them a few year ago though, so I don’t think you can get them anymore.

I really love this look. It’s quite simple but I just wanted to share it with you!

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely and sunny day! xxxx

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Tiffany’s & Co, Primark and more | Berlin Shoplog

While in Berlin, I also did ‘some’ shopping besides sight seeing. Berlin has the Kaufhaus des Westens, the biggest warehouse of Europe. It’s comparable to the Harrods in London.  They also have a big Primark at the Alexanderplatz where we shopped. Let me show you what I bought!


Let’s start with my favorite purchase. I was thinking about it for a while, since I saw the necklaces in Harrods, to buy a ‘Please Return To Tiffany’s’ necklace. The big, and most populair one is cute, but I had the two small silver hearts on the eye. So when I saw there was a Tiffany’s & Co in the KaDeWe, I decided it was time to give myself a present. And I am really really happy with it. Been wearing it since I came back, and didn’t come of my neck since.



I also came to the conclusion that I actually didn’t really have any nice sneakers anymore. ( You can never have enough shoes right?). So when I saw these cute Reebok sneakers at the JD, I decided to buy them. They also had some discount, what is always nice. I love how the color is perfect for spring and summer, and ofcourse the glitter detail at the back of the shoe!



When I saw this unicorn I couldn’t help it but buy it. My mom was so sweet to give the pineapple light as a present to me and my sister. It’s so cute. The pineapple even has changing lights!



At Brandy Melville I found these adorable half earrings. The set of 3 pairs is from H&M. I love how it’s small and minimalist and perfect to combine for an earparty! (Still working on that though)


I just never can resist the Primark. I always end up buying something there when I go inside. This time I was looking for a leather jacket and denim overall, just in general. By chance I found both at Primark. I also bought a cheesy touristic shirt (again) of Berlin.



That’s everything I shopped in Berlin! Quite a lot when you first decided not to buy anything oops.

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!

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New bag, earpiercing and more | SHOPLOG


Hi guys!

Today I want to show you my february shoplog. I know february isn’t over yet, in fact it only just begon. However, I’m not planning on shopping anymore this month, only some things for my backpack trip (I mean, how am I supposed to go backpacking without a backpack). Some of the things I bought, are also a bit for my backpacking adventure 🙂



Last Saturday I went to Utrecht for my assessment for optometrie, it went quit well. I had this trainticket what I could use all day long, so I decided to go to Amsterdam and The Hague afterwards. In all three cities I did some shopping, in Utrecht some cinnabons, in the Hague some delicious Chinese food (yes I travelled all the way there for some Chinatown food…) and in Amsterdam I actually went to visit the NYX store and Forever21. Didn’t buy anything at both stores. On my way back to the station I came past the new huge Primark, so I decided to take a look. For a while I was searching for a affordable, small, flat bag. And there it was, just hanging in the Primark for only €7! The fit is great, perfect for my phone, a lipstick, money and even an ereader or book fits in.


The next thing in my shoplog is my ereader. Now I don’t have to buy books anymore on vacation because I ran out of books haha. I purchased it in January though, but only bought the case last weekend. I went for this beautiful rosegold case. Same as my phone, I just love pinkish colors.



Saw this one hanging too in the Primark in Amsterdam. The tourist me couldn’t resist it, and it was only €3.



On Sunday I did an order at the webshop of HEMA (a dutch store). I ordered a passport cover and some notebooks, already for my trip. At least now my passport can’t damage (hopefully), and it looks cute!

I also purchased this cute duvet cover from HEMA, it’s grey with little white hearts all over it. It’s adorable!

IMG_5000 (2).JPG


Finally I had the balls to get a second earlobe earring! For a while now I was in doubt if I should do it or not. I was mostly scared that I wouldn’t like how it looks. I decided I just had to do it, and if I didn’t like it I could always take it out. And I’m so happy I did it! I really like how it looks.

Shooting the earring (I know getting it pierced is better, but shooting is faster and less painfull they say) however wasn’t that great. I don’t get how people say it doesn’t hurt, because you surely feel something pinching in your ear, and that’s really not something I would like to experience everyday. And I’m not even talking about the hurting afterwards. That was the worse.  But, I survived the ‘pain’ and I’m really happy with the result!

That’s it, thanks for visiting! Have a lovely day 🙂

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LONDON OOTD: denim dress


Another London outfit! yay. It was freezing, but do it for the blog haha. This was at Covent Garden in London. A super cute market, it was so beautiful.

Okay so, I was wearing this super cute denim dress that I found at H&M in the sale. I love it so much! It’s so comfy and different and still warm. Also love how it is a dress, what makes you feel cute and girly, but not overdressed or something. It’s perfect for a casual but girly outfit. And it has pockets!!!!

You can wear what ever shirt/sweater you want to. This time in London I combined it with my grey/black turtleneck shirt from Primark. Originally I planned to wear this with my new green sweater from H&M (what I mentioned in this post), but I liked this shirt more. Back home I already took some pictures with the green sweater, I added these in the end because I still like that combination too. Only, the green sweater is a bit more loose and a tighter shirt under need the dress looks better in my opinion.

For shoes I wore my black over the knee boots again. They are just so warm and comfy. And of course some black warm tights. Other wise my legs would freeze off.

Tell me which combination you liked the most! One or two?

Hope you liked it! Have a nice day 🙂

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LONDON OOTD: team internet

Hi guys,

First off: here is my denim jacket again….. 

Okay so this is the outfit that I wore my first day in London! I choose for a comfortable and warm sweater, my denim jacket, a black highwaisted jeans and my black over the knee boots so my ankles wouldn’t get cold. And a black cap to make me extra tourist looking.

My day started very early, I had to be at the airport at 7 in the morning. My grey sweater from H&M was perfect for that, warm and comfortable. The little text saying ‘team internet’ makes it a bit more interesting. I also wanted to bring my denim jacket (of course), but my suitcase was already way too full so I decided to wear it. Extra warm. Black jeans (H&M) match with everything, just as the black boots. My black shiney cap is from H&M too. The little bag is from Primark, it’s perfect for citytrip everything that I need fits in it!

The photos were taken at Buckingham Palace, a beautiful building. We’ve seen already so much in one day. Oxford Street, Westminster Abbey, London Eye and Buckingham Palace. But I will write about that later on in a special London blogpost 🙂

Thank you for visiting, have a nice day!

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Silver Plissé | OOTD


Hi guys,

In the post about meeting Mascha/Beautygloss I said I wanted to make a post about the outfit I was wearing that night. Well here it is! (PS excuse my makeupless face in the pictures, my skin is very bad at the moment and I want to keep it clean 🙂 )

I was wearing this silver plissé skirt that I’ve found a Primark for €17. I was already searching for a more affordable one, so I couldn’t let this one hang there! I like how flowy and girly these skirts are, they make you feel like a ballerina.

For the top, I am wearing a black knitted jumper by H&M. I found it in the sale for only €5, it kind of was a lucky shopping day for me. I decided to tuck the top in my skirt, but I also see a lot of fashion blogger who only tuck the front in. I’ve tried that too, but it makes me look like a potato.

For shoes I chose these cut out boots, these are from Van Haren. Some high heels would also look lovely, it would make it so classy and glam!

Well that’s it for the outfit. Normally I don’t really wear something like this, so it feels a bit weird. But I also really liked this item so I’m excited to try more of this!

Hope you liked it, have a lovely day!

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MEETING BEAUTYGLOSS | A day in my life


Yesterday I went to a show of my favorite Dutch Youtuber and ex-blogger Mascha / Beautygloss. She did a real life storytime. I really enjoyed the show and it was so much fun to see her finaly in real life! She was the first blogger I followed and she has taught me so much about beauty and makeup. I’ve always looked up to her and she is a great example for me, especially now I have a blog too. Fangirling a bit from the inside haha.

After the show it was time for a meet and greet. I got a photo with her wooohh! Couldn’t resist posting this photo on instagram.

Zo leuk om Mascha eindelijk te ontmoeten! @beautygloss 😊💕💄#maschastorytime

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I also got another picture and a picture with her friend Hella, she is also pretty well know. They are both so beautiful and kind!

For my outfit I wore this silver plissé skirt from Primark, a black knitted jumper by H&M and cut out boots from Van Haren, but I want to make a more detailed post about that 🙂

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!

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Winter Jacket Outfit


Hi lovies,

Wow my second “outfit” post. Well this isn’t really an outfit, I just wanted to show my winter jacket. I really love the red/purple/burgundy (what color is it? It’s a mix off all these colors) color, it’s so different. When I had to decide the color of the jacket, I wanted to go for the grey one because grey is safe, you can’t really go wrong with grey. But I decided to go out of my comfort zone and buy the colored one. And to be honest, I really love the color! My winter jacket is from Only.

Also, I love how my grey scarf and mittens match with the color of my jacket! My scarf is from Primark and my mittens are from H&M. I bought them last year or something, so they don’t sell them anymore, but these look alike.

I’m happy that I can dress myself warm for the cold with my new favorite jacket. It’s getting really cold here, so a warm winter jacket is a must! I also like that it’s a bit longer what makes the jacket more warm. Hopefully hard to get cold now haha.

Hope you liked it! Thanks for visting and have a lovely day.


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OOTD: Burgundy Turtleneck



Hi guys,

This is the first time I post an outfit on my blog. I’m not really a fashionista or something and I’ve never done something like this but I thought why not give it a try. There is a first time for everything. So last Saturday my dad and I decided to shoot some photos for the blog. It was fun to ‘model’, but I really have to work on my serious face I look soooo angry (didn’t mean to though).

Well let’s talk about the outfit. It’s very simple. The burgundy turtleneck is from Primark. I love turtleneck shirts and especially this one because the color is lovely! The black highwaisted jeans are from H&M, love their jeans. They fit me perfectly and aren’t expensive. The black heel booties are from Van Haren and the denim jacket is from H&M (but I got it from a friend 🙂 ) The denim jacket wasn’t originally meant to fit with the outfit but it was so cold! And in the end it looks pretty cool.

Also I love the setting, we made these pictures on Strijp S, a very cool place. I’m working on a post about this place so I can show you guys more! Oh and I’m sorry for the overload of ‘me -pictures’, the end photos look really cool but it feels so strange to upload so many photos of my self.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day!


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