Jeans Jacket | Autumn OOTD

It’s been so long since I shared a post, omg. I’m really busy with college at the moment. Having exams in a week, and I found a place to live in Utrecht so I’m going to move too! So exciting!

A while ago I wandered around in Utrecht with my friends, where we made this pictures. I just love my denim jacket so much! Its really warm, and perfect for autumn. Bought it at Primark for only 30 euros, and wearing is almost everyday since!

Underneath I’m wearing a simple outfit. The high waisted jeans are from H&M and the grey sweater is also from Primark, and I tucked it in my jeans a bit.

To make the outfit extra autumny (that’s probably not a word), I chose to also wear this floppy head from Forever21. 

For shoes I wore some cut-out boots from van Haren. They are very comfortable. Little trick, it can be quite cold and annoying to wear these with bare feet, and socks are visible, so skin colored thights are perfect to wear in these shoes! 

Well, that’s it! A really simple outfit, but very comfortable and in my opinion perfect for autumn. 

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day xxx


Where to eat: Streetfood Eindhoven |Best(ies) Lunch

Hi guys!

Recently I came up with this new idea. My bestfriend Gaby (follow her 🙂 ) and I try to have a date every week, and most of the times we go for lunch. As we want to try something new every time, we decided to write about it and share it with you guys! (Also, mostly all the spots are in the Netherlands. But when we go abroad we’ll definitely share that too!)

This week we ate at Streetfood Eindhoven in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The place is really small, but in summer and spring when the weather is good, they have a nice terrace. Streetfood Eindhoven is in the center of the city, where all the shopping stores are at the Catherinaplein.

The ambiance is great and the staff was really nice. I really liked it there and it also looked really nice.

On the menu, they have loads of drinks, special sandwiches and their main product: the streetbox.  You can put together the streetbox just as you want. Choose the shape of your fries, salt, sauce and snack. They also sell milkshakes and ‘special’ milkshakes as a Unicorn Milkshake.

Gaby ordered a home made ice green tea with a sandwich with carpaccio (her favorite sandwich, she is probably going to order it everywhere and see where you can get the best). I ordered a unicorn milkshake and a street box with curly fries, seasoned salt, ketchup and a kroket.

The food was really good and I liked how they served it. So cute! And the milkshake was so tasty and it looked adorable. It was really big and together with the delicious street box a bit heavy, but I loved it. Gaby her food was also great.

I really recommend going here if you ever get the chance. It’s an amazing place and they serve such delicious and original food, in a special way. I loved it! It is definitely one of my favorite places.

We will try to do this more often, every week if possible. I really enjoyed it and loved sharing my opinion about it with you! Have a lovely day! xxx

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Photography: Strijp S


Hi guys,

In this outfit post I already said something about this place called StrijpS. It’s also seen in this outfit post.

Strijp S used to be fabrics and companies all from Philips (from the electronics and lamps, it all started in my hometown). Now there live people, there are stores, even a high school and it still looks like how it used to be. When I was younger, I did not like the place. It is different, urban and artistic. But it is also perfect for taking pictures, skating and it’s full with particular art. Strijp S even has it’s own website, here.

There are a lot of delicous restaurants, like a bagel restaurant, a healty/vegan restaurant and a delicous gelateria. My favorite is Onder de Leidingstraat, their oatmeal cupcake and carrot cake are to die for. And it’s healty! I used to work in a little bookshop there, and the times that I got one of those goodies where the best. Also Soul Kitchen is very cute, every week there is a different menu (also the only thing you can order that week) and it looks like you are visting someone. It’s one big livingroom!

I’ll stop rambling and start sharing the photos! I know they aren’t very artistic or something, but I just wanted to give you a little look into Strijp S.



It was a lot of fun to share a place I like. Hope you like it too!

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day.

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Anne Frank House @ Amsterdam | A day in my life


This week I went to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank House with my family. I’ve seen it a few times from the outside and always wanted to visit it. My parents promised my sister and me to go when we would be old enough and understood the Second World War. That time was last week!


The Anne Frank House is a museum divided in two parts. One part is the original house with the Achterhuis (The Secret Annex) where she lived while hiding. The other part is the modern museum with mostly information about Anne and her family, the house, what happened and also her diaries.


The route through the house came first through the “normal” part of the house, after the bookcase you see on the picture began the Secret Annex. There were the rooms where the mainly stayed. The rooms were not that big, especially not for 10 people. It was difficult to imagine how they lived in the Secret Annex since there were no furniture in the rooms.


Past the Secret Annex, there was the modern museam again with the diaries, quotes and movies. Also there were the stories about what happened with the residents of the Secret Annex.

After our visit to the Anne Frank House, we walked through Amsterdam. We went to some stores and we ate there. We did not really go to sight seeing things, because we’ve been to Amsterdam a few times already.

We had fun and it was a nice day. Also the Anne Frank house was very impressive.

Thank you so much for reading!