Gap Year Update #2


GAP YEAR | Experience & What to do


It’s almost a year ago that I found out I wasn’t accepted at the school that I wanted to go to. I remember I was a bit sad, but also happy that I had some more free time, but mostly I was scared. Because not going to college, would mean I had a gap year. It freaked me out not knowing what I had to do with my life. There were some things I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how. Eventually, now I think I made some great decisions. I grew and had the time of my life.

One of those great decisions is, of course, starting this blog. I am so happy that I had the courage to write about my life. In the beginning, this blog was mostly for myself, a space where I could write about my feelings and my ideas for this gap year. Just as my first blog post, I immediately throw in the fact I have a gap year. Blogging was all new to me, and when I look back now at my posts from a year ago, it is so different from what I post now. My blog went from bucket lists, get to know me’s to MOTD’s, OOTD’s and travel diaries. I remember I was so happy when my blog hit the 100 followers! Now, my blog is still growing and growing. It already hit the 400 followers! Thank you all so much for all the love! I never expected my blog to be this big, and I am really proud that I achieved this. Even though my gap year is almost over, I will keep blogging. I admit I barely post sometimes because I am not feeling like writing, but I think that’s normal. I think it’s better to write when you want to, instead of doing it because it’s required. The best posts are the ones you put the love in.

Even though I had the time of my life this year, I will be talking about that later, it wasn’t the easiest. I had to find what I wanted to study next year, how to fill my free time, think about doing something special. There was so much to do and think about. I made some “gap year resolutions”, all things I would like to do. I remember I wanted to learn a language, a skill, do volunteer work, travel the world and more. Trust me, it looks like you have loads of time, but eventually, you don’t. I made the decision to travel, but of course, I needed money for that so I worked more. Luckily I got the chance to work more at my part time supermarket job, and save all the money I needed. I even had the opportunity to take two months off to leave for Asia!

I also come across a study I wanted to follow, Optometry. I had to make an entrance examination. And again, they only accepted around 100 people. Luckily I am one of them, what means I am finally going to college in September! I’m very excited to learn again.

The gap year was also full of learning. I had to learn to make decisions, to get responsible, more confident and do things on my own. Even though I never mentioned it on my blog, because I didn’t feel the need to throw it out on the internet, I had to go through a few setbacks as a breakup of a 2.5 years long relationship and, not going backpacking with my best friend.  When I look back, I am really happy both things happened. Especially the breakup, because I wasn’t happy and I became myself again. It’s weird how one person can change you, but I am so happy I am myself again. Asia definitely helped me with it. I finally saw that that person I used to be 2.5 years long, wasn’t me.

My backpack adventure to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia is the other amazing decision I made this year. I had the best time there, saw so many beautiful views, met amazing and lovely people who will stay in my memory for ever, I saw the world from another perspective and I experienced so many new things. I could keep talking about my travels, but I already posted loads about it! If you want to read it, the start of all my diaries is from this post. You can read the recap here. There is also a film on it’s way, but it’s so much to edit, and the motivation is not really here yet. Have to work on that!

Yes, I am thankful for all the opportunities I had this gap year. I saw amazing places as, London, Bangkok, Hanoi, Angkor Wat, Berlin and Budapest. I became myself again. And I had so much fun already blogging, and there is still loads to come! If you’re in doubt to take a gap year, do it, it’s amazing. It was the best decison for me.

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Birthday in Hanoi | Travel Diary

Sunday March 19th I flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam.

My flight was quite nice, but I was really tired so I slept almost the whole flight. When I arrived at the airport in Hanoi I had to wait over 2 hours to get my visa. They don’t really care about who is in line first here.

Around 8 pm Josie and I arrived at the hotel. Hanoi welcomed us with some rain. Our hotel room was nice, we had a 3 person bedroom that we shared with Cat, with whom I also stayed in Bangkok. After that we met the rest of our group and the group leader and we went for some drinks in a fancy hotel. I also got some street food with the other leader, because I didn’t have dinner yet. 

After the drinks we went to this backpackers hostel where we had a little party and also a random pub crawl. I still don’t know how we got there but it was lots of fun. And at 12 it was my birthday! It was a great night.

Monday March 20th

It is my birthday! So weird to be in a foreign country with strangers, but gladly the group is really fun. 
In the morning we went for a walk in the city. I didn’t think it could be possible but Hanoi is definitely crazier than Bangkok. But I really like the ambiance and how alive the city is. It’s great. We went to the temple of literature, very interesting.

After that we went for a Vietnamese lunch and I got this delicous noodle soup. And unexpectedly also this beautiful cake from my group. So sweet!

We also went to the puppet theater, it was fun to see but all in Vietnamese so you couldn’t really understand what was going on. 

 In my free time I did my nails, glitter gel nails. I bought a fake fjallraven backpack because my other one gave up on life and I went for some drinks at Legend beer where you had this great view over the big crazy and crowded roundabout. 

My birthday was lots of fun. I still can’t believe I’m 19 right now, but it was definitely one of the most special birthdays I ever had!

I will try to upload some posts about the other days as soon as possible. This one is already a week too late because my Internet was too bad, the pictures didn’t wanted to be uploaded, so annoying. Hope to post something soon! 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!!

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The temples of Ayutthaya | Travel Diary

My last day in Thailand I went to the temples of Ayutthaya. It is only 1 and half hour with the train from Bangkok. Also it was really cheap, for the third class I only paid 20 baht what is like 50 cent. In the Netherlands that would be impossible! The train ride was nice. 

When I arrived at Ayutthaya I didn’t really know what to do, because I didn’t expected it to be a huge city. But glady I met a nice French girl with who I spend the day. We hired a motorbike and discovered the lovely temples of Ayutthaya. First we were totally lost, but in the end we were great at finding the way! And I’m happy she was driving because the traffic in Thailand is just crazy everywhere.

The temples were really beautiful and so different from the ones in Bangkok. Apparently Ayutthaya was the capital before Bangkok, and because it was it’s 666 years birthday the entry of all the temples was free. That was nice 🙂 .
In the afternoon we visited a floating market where I had some dinner and after that it was time to go back with the train. This time the train took a little longer to get back. I also was lost when I had to walk back but glady I bummed into one of the girls from my next group and we found our hostel back. 

Right now I’m waiting for my taxi to pick me up to go to the airport. My Thailand adventure sadly will end today but I’m excited for the adventures in Vietnam. Thailand felt so much like home and I’m definitely coming back! But right now: Vietnam is waiting for me 🙂

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Backpacking Preparations | Travel



In two weeks I will be leaving for my backpacking adventure to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. I already told a bit about it in this blogpost about my gap year update, where I also wrote about getting 100 followers on my blog. And guess what, a few days ago I reached 200! I can’t believe it was only a month ago that I reached 100, and now I’m already over 200 followers. Thank you so much guys for supporting and following me, it means a lot to me and I’m so happy, I’ve never expected it!

Okay, so in two weeks I’m in Bangkok, Thailand. I will be travelling there with a backpacking group, but I will make a post about that where I tell everything before I leave. I already knew that with travelling there also comes a lot of arranging, but I feel like that with destinations further away comes also way more stress. I mean, most of the times you go on a trip to somewhere in Europe, you don’t have to get vaccines,  extra travel insurance or to think about how less you bring with you to prevent a hernia. To clear my mind a bit, and to maybe help others who are in the same situation, here is a little TO DO LIST before you leave:



Make sure your passport is valid for a while, other wise it may be possible they won’t give you a visa or you aren’t possible to travel. Oh and DON’T FORGET IT!!


For some countries you need to do a little extra work to get a visa. In a lot of countries you can get a visa on arrival (for example Thailand and Cambodia), but there are some exceptions. For instance, to get a visa for Vietnam, you have to get a approval letter.


Also very important, better to be sure than unsure. Oh and try to schedule getting your vaccination in a week you don’t have to do much with your arms. It’s going to hurt for a while, not very pleasant. (I made this mistake hehe )


Again, better to be sure than unsure. It’s a lot of money for something that you maybe are not going to use, but it will cost you more if you’re not insured and something happens to you.


How can you go backpacking without a backpack?! Make sure you find the right one, one that fits nice on you and feels good. I still have to buy mine oops, but I already know wich I’m going to get.


Make a packing list, so you know what you want to bring, you don’t forget anything and what you have to buy before you leave. Don’t only make a list of the clothes you want to bring, but also of the essentials like sunscreen, deet, travel plug etc. And try not to bring too much! This is going to be hard for me haha, but I have to remember I have to carry it everytime and I don’t want to end up with a hernia.

Well, these are the things I’m keeping myself busy with at the moment. Most of the things can already get checked of the to do list, so I can focus on reading about the culture and planning the things I want to see. I’m very excited, but also a bit nervous. This will be my first trip ever all alone, but it will be a great experience. I will post more preparing post as in the next two weeks.:)

By the way, have you seen my new header? I’m so happy with it! I am blogging for a few months now, and I finally made my own personal header. (it took me pretty long to finally start making one oops)  I love the pink and the daisy flower, it’s so cute.

Thank you so much for visiting. Have a lovely day!


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Hi guys,

Another award! I was nominated for the mystery blogger award by the lovely Sarah from Sarah’s Cup of Beauty. I love reading her blog, she writes amazing makeup reviews and also she is very kind :). You should totally check out her blog if you haven’t already! You can read her post about the award here. Thank you Sarah!

The creater of the Mystery Blogger Award is Enigma, here is her page.

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  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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  1. I have Indonesian roots. In fact I am an Indo, what means that I am Dutch and Indonesian. (Something with Indonesia being a colony of the Netherlands back in time, I believe it’s a black page in the Dutch History. A lot of Dutch people have Indonesian roots because of this, and are called Indos) I was born in the Netherlands, but my grandparents are from Java, Indonesia. Sadly, I can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia and I really would love to learn more about the Indonesian culture, as that’s a part of me. I feel more Dutch than Indonesian, but not 100% (well that’s logicial as I am not 100% of both descents)
  2. I love keeping memories of everything. I can’t let go of pictures. I also have those times when I keep a journal, especially when I’m travelling and I save everything! And then I mean EVERYTHING, receipts, maps, tickets, leaflets.
  3. I haven’t eating Mc Donalds in 2 years now. Since I saw these documentaires about how bad the food is, I quit eating it. I loved the chicken nuggets, but they had a weird taste sometimes. I just don’t believe it is real chicken haha, so for my own health I try not to eat Mc Donalds. ( I have to admit, I have failed 2 times, when I was really hungry and bought those 1 euro burgers, but ugh I expected it to taste better but nah, so not going to eat it anymore. Expect for the mcflurrys though, these are delicious haha!)


1.If you were dropped on a new planet and you have seeds to grow one type of crop. Which vegetable would you hope it to be?

Probably courget. It’s my favorite vegetable and I add it to every pasta I make. When I was younger I didn’t like it, but when I was once eating at this Chinese wok restaurant I accidentally ate a piece of raw courget. (what is fine! It tastes very good, and it’s crunchy). Well I thought it was a piece of cucumber, but it wasn’t. Since then, I’ve been eating and loving it!

2.If you could create your own world to live in, how would it look like? (It can be as crazy as you’d want it to be)

People would be kinder, there would be peace, no one would make war or fights. The days would always be beautiful. There would be no global warming. The nature would be beautiful and wild, as it should. We wouldn’t destroy the earth.

3.If there is one thing you’d want to change about yourself, what would it be?

I would have no dark circles anymore under my eyes. Sadly they are genetic, and there is nothing I can do except for eating healty, try to get enough sleep and use concealer. I’m not as insecure about them as I used to be, but I still don’t like them.

4.What talent would you like to possess?

I would love to understand and speak the most important languages in the world, so that when I’m travelling they’d understand me and I understand the locals. Oh and not looking like an idiot while dancing would be great (the same goes for singing, I’m horrible)

5.What are your expectations for 2017?

To make beautiful memories and go see the world. Surprise me 2017.






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(ps I am so sorry if you’ve already done this, or if you are tagged already!)


  1. What is your favorite destination that you’ve ever visited?
  2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and what would your house/place look like?
  3. What would be your ultimate candy three-course dinner?
  4. Who is your celebrity crush?
  5. What would you do for a living, if you could be anything you wanted to be?


Well according to wordpress is my post about my trip to London my best post, read it here.

Thank you so much for reading, have a lovely day!

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First of all, when I woke up a few days ago I got this mention from WordPress that I reached 100 followers on my blog. I am so proud! I want to thank everyone who visits and reads my blog, who write all these lovely comments and ofcourse all the people that decided to follow my blog. Thank you so much! When I started this blog in September 2016, it was mainly to improve my English and to do something in my gap year. My love for makeup and beauty made me also write about that. I’ve never thought I would even get one follower or reader, but now a few months later my blog has grown so much. It’s amazing!

Well the other thing in the title is “Gap Year Update”. In the very beginning of my blog I wrote this post about a gap year and my experience so far. At that time I had no idea what to do with my life, I did not know what I wanted to follow in college, if I could work more, what I would do in my spare time and most important thing was that I did not want to waiste my year.

Now, three months later, I am almost half way through my gap year. I’ve been blogging every two days, I’ve worked a lot, I went to the gym a lot and I finally planned my travel adventure. In March I am going to South Asia. I’m going to visit Thailand and Vietnam for sure, but I also like to go to Cambodia. I’m so happy and excited. Also a bit nervous, even though I’m travelling in a group. But I am also looking forward to it! When it gets closer I will write some more about my plans.

In my previous gap year post I also made sort of a list of things I want to learn and to this year:

This year I want to use for getting experience (with work and volunteer work abroad), learning something new ( I want to learn a language of maybe to be a MUA), getting stronger ( physically and mentally), getting independent (maybe by backpacking or travelling), be more confident, doing everything I have to do to attend the study I want to, but most important of all: getting and being the best version of myself I can be at that moment. And that’s a lot, I know, but I’m working on it to achieve all of it.

Let’s see what I’ve achieved so far!

  1. Getting experience with work an volunteer work abroad – I didn’t do volunteer work abroad, and I’m also not planning on doing it. But I got experience with work. I worked a lot more and also I’ve done some temporarily work.
  2. Learning something new (for example a language or MUA) – Didn’t do any of them. I’m going to do a makeup workshop in a few weeks though and I got this Spanish cours for Christmas, so this is still in progress. However I feel like my English has improved, that was also one of the main reasons to start a blog.
  3. Getting independent – Haven’t travelled on my own yet, but I undertook some other things on my own so I’m working on it.
  4. Be more confident – I’m definetly more confident than I was, especially because of my blog, I mean everyone can read what I think and see my photos. First I was scared of it, but now I am proud of my blog!
  5. Getting into college – This is also still in progress. I found the course I want to follow (Optometry) and I also applied. Now I’m waiting for the result if I can attent the selection to get in.
  6. Getting and being the best version of myself – Well Daisy that is very vague. Can’t say if I am a better person now than I was a few months ago. Let’s hope so.
     It’s fun and nice to see what I’ve done so far. I understand if someone is like, uh I don’t care about this. That’s okay, I wrote this mostly for myself, but I love to share it with you all.

    Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! Have a lovely day xx

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Photography: Strijp S


Hi guys,

In this outfit post I already said something about this place called StrijpS. It’s also seen in this outfit post.

Strijp S used to be fabrics and companies all from Philips (from the electronics and lamps, it all started in my hometown). Now there live people, there are stores, even a high school and it still looks like how it used to be. When I was younger, I did not like the place. It is different, urban and artistic. But it is also perfect for taking pictures, skating and it’s full with particular art. Strijp S even has it’s own website, here.

There are a lot of delicous restaurants, like a bagel restaurant, a healty/vegan restaurant and a delicous gelateria. My favorite is Onder de Leidingstraat, their oatmeal cupcake and carrot cake are to die for. And it’s healty! I used to work in a little bookshop there, and the times that I got one of those goodies where the best. Also Soul Kitchen is very cute, every week there is a different menu (also the only thing you can order that week) and it looks like you are visting someone. It’s one big livingroom!

I’ll stop rambling and start sharing the photos! I know they aren’t very artistic or something, but I just wanted to give you a little look into Strijp S.



It was a lot of fun to share a place I like. Hope you like it too!

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day.

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Last day of 2016, time flies. I would say when you’re having fun, what I definetly had this year, but also a lot of sad things happend this year in the world. So much hate and violence, so many people died. In the years before it happend too, but it seemed worse in 2016. Yet, for me personally it was a good year. Okay this wasn’t really a happy intro, but you can’t ignore the tragic things that happen in the world. But for now I want to focus on the positive and happy things.

This was the year I turned 18, the year I graduated high school, the year of my senior prom, the year I had the opportunity to travel to Tenerife, Prague, Milan, Venice and a lot more. The year I didn’t go to college after high school and decided to have a gap year, the year that I started this blog. It was also a year full with learning , not in school but in life, learning about myself, have confidence, stand on my own, how the world works. Kind of getting mature, that may be the hardest part of this year for me, but also something good. I’m thankfull for all the beautiful moments and memories I got this year. I hope that I can make much more next year. I hope that there will finally come peace in the world. And I hope that next year I will finally stick to my New Years Resolutions. Probably not but I will make them anyway.

  1. Post a blog every two days, or more often if possible
  2. Start the Spanish course
  3. Go to the gym every week or more (somewhere around Christmas it went wrong this year)
  4. Drink enough water
  5. Get enough sleep (8 hours or more)
  6. Spend less money on things I don’t need (this one is so hard haha)
  7. Get into college

I wish you all a happy new year, may it be a year full of happiness and love. 🙂


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