Curly Hair Journey, The Beginning | April 2018

For a while now, I’ve been trying to deal with my hair. I grew it really really long and tried not to damage it with heat. I tried to take care of it very gently by washing it only once a week, only brushing it when I was going to wash it, and always braid it before I’d sleep. It worked good, but my hair was just really long, and wavy. It also was a bit frizzy, and I knew my hair was sort of curly, but it was just too hard to handle. First of because it was so long, and second because I just did not know how to deal with curly hair. Eventually, a co-worker (who has the most amazing curls) told me her curly hair routine. So I tried it, and my hair curled! I loved it. (and sorry for the weird pics, but my hair was just to long to fit on a normal selfie)

In November (2017), I decided to chop 10 cm of my hair. I was done with it, but too afraid to cut it short. Nobody noticed my hair was shorter tho, only it curled more and looked healtier. I got a lot of positive reactions, and I loved my ‘short’ and curly hair too. That was when I decided that I wanted to chop off more in spring/ summer. (on the left: my hair right after I came back from the hairdresser, on the right: my hair when I did it myself)

So last week, I decided to chop off 30 cm so I could donate my hair. I love the length of my hair know! It is just, that it is not as curly as I expected it to be. I feel like my hair was more curly when it was longer. My routine is: washing it with my Elvive Keratin Shampoo, using the Elvive Keratin conditioner, rinsing that out with cold water, scrunging my hair, drying it with a t-shirt, putting in mouse and curl cream and at last drying it with the diffuser. It gave curls and volume, but also quite a lot of frizz. (on the left: my hair right after the chop. My hairdresser always puts in loads of product, so it wasn’t frizzy at all, but I just don’t like the feeling of having that much product in my hair, it feels so greasy. On the right: my hair when I do it myself, also with a little bun what is not showing in the pic)

For a while, I was reading about the curly girl method, where you won’t use products with sulfates, silicones, alcohol, and try to use as less heat on your hair as possible. Today April 30th, 2018, is the day I started my own ‘natural curly hair journey’. This morning I went to the store to buy sulfate free shampoo, silicone free conditioner and a silicone free gel. The gel because I want to try a new routine I saw a Youtuber doing. I washed my hair for the last time with a sulfate shampoo to rinse out all the silicones in my hair, drained my hair in the silicone free conditioner, rinsed that out with cold water and scrunged in the gel on soaking wet hair. After that, I scrunged my hair a bit more and dried it with a t-shirt. It was also the first time I let my hair air dry.

I am really content with the result. My hair feels softer, is less frizzy and I can use fewer products. For the curls, I feel like my curls look quite the same, only that it curls maybe a bit more now. Not sure tho. I’m definitely going to continue with this routine/method. For now, I will keep using only conditioner and gel, but maybe in a while, I will try a silicone free mouse and cream. Of course, I will write about that 🙂

This is only the beginning of my ‘curly hair journey’ as the Youtubers call it. I am excited to take you with me! And I promise I won’t disappear again for another five months haha. Also, I want to capture my hair journey on my makeup instagram: @lifeasdaisyblog .  (If you want to see more outfit pics, follow my personal instagram: @daisyvdplas )

Thank you so much for ready, have a lovely day!

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I’ve seen this photo so many times on facebook now, that I just had to share my experience with coconut oil. Indeed, it’s amazing and is a solution for so many things! However, coconut oil is not my whole life or someting like that, I mean some people use it for everything. There are a lot of health benefits and other benefits of coconut oil  to be found all over the internet, but I never really tried this. (maybe I should?) In this post I will tell you my tips and experience with coconut oil.


Coconut oil is so rich and oily, it’s perfect as a hair mask. It makes your hair really soft and shiney. I always brush my hair out, scoop some coconut oil out of my jar and warm it up in my hands above my head (so that the dripping oil falls on my head instead of on the floor), I devide it in my hair and leave it in for 30 minutes minimal. The longer the better. When washing it out, I only use shampoo. I have to wash it more than once before all the oil is out of my hair. (I mentioned this before in my post about my hair care routine.:) )



It also can be used as a makeup remover for your whole face, or only the eyes. I like it remove my eyemakeup with coconut oil. The grease works very good for removing mascara and eyeliner.


Coconut oil is perfect to moisturize your dry legs, knees, elbows, lips and even cuticles. It makes your skin so soft, and it smells lightly like coconut but it’s mostly odorless.


We used to use coconut oil to bake our meat and vegetables. It works really well! The only disadvantage is that coconut oil is hard when it’s cold, so you always have to scoop it out. I personally find it easier when cooking oil is liquid, so I prefer olive oil more to cook with.

These are my tips and what I use coconut oil for. There are a lot more things where you can use it for though, for example: as a shaving cream, oil pulling, to eat (it seems to be very good for you health). Sadly I can’t tell you if it really works, maybe I should try it out…

What are you experiences with coconut oil?

Thank you so much for visiting, have a lovely day!

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Hair Care Routine: Frizzy & Dry Hair


There are so many different hair types and every hairtype needs their own hair care routine. My hair is frizzy, dry and curly/wavy-something. When I was younger I never knew how to treat my hair and what to do with it. I always straightend my hair so it would be less frizzy, but it only got dryer. And when I wore my hair naturally I always brushed it, what made it more frizzy haha. I was a bit clueless, also because I never could really find anything on the internet what would work for my hair. It was always for frizzy curly hair, but my hair isn’t that curly so that never worked for me. But now I’ve finally found a hair care routine for my hair that works for me, and I want to share it with you so maybe I can help someone 🙂

First of all I try not to use heat on my hair, so it doesn’t get more dry. I only straighten it for special occasions.


Okay so my routine, I only wash my hair once a week because 1. I hate washing it, it takes so much time, 2. my hair doesn’t get greasy quickly and 3. it gets dryer if I wash it more often.

Before washing my hair I always brush my hair out, that is the only time I brush my hair. Than I  wash it with the Syoss Kereatine Hair Perfection Shampoo. I also use the conditioner of the same line. The products work fine, but I prefer the John Frieda Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner. They seem to work a bit better.


When the products are all out of my hair I rinse it with cold water (I only do this in summer mostly because in winter it’s way too cold)


I dry my hair with a cotton tshirt until it’s damp, never with a hairdryer of towel because this makes it frizzy. When it’s damp I let it dry in the air and I put some hair oil in the ends.

When my hair is really dry I use a coconut oil hairmask. You just put coconut oil in your hair, let it sit for a while and then wash it out with shampoo. The hair gets really soft and shiney.

That’s probably my routine. The most important things are (for dry and frizzy hair)

1. Do not brush it too often, it gets frizzy when you do

2. Do not use heat

3. Do not wash it too often

4. Use a cotton tshirt to dry the hair and let it dry in the air

5. Rinse the hair with cold water after washing

6. Use coconut oil!!!!

7. One extra thing what I always do with my hair, I always braid it before sleeping so it doesn’t tangle. (Also when I do this I don’t have to do my hair in the morning haha I’m lazy)

This is what my hair looks like normally by the way 🙂 (Still frizzy sadly, but less)


Well I hope I could help someone!

Thank you so much for visiting, have a nice day!

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