SRPRS ME: Budapest | Travel Diary


It’s been a while but here it is, the SRPRS.ME TRAVEL DIARY. A while ago my best friend Gaby and I decided to do a srprsme trip again. SRPRS.ME is a Dutch travel agency where you can book surprise trips. We chose for the four day broke trip. We also did one last year, read that here.

So last week it was finally time to reveal our destination. We had to be at the airport at 6.30 AM on Sunday. It was so early, but totally worth it. I already had the feeling we would go to Budapest, and I was really happy that I was right haha

It was only a one and a half hour flight, so we had a full first day in Budapest. After finding our hostel we went for a late lunch. We both a club sandwich and it was so good. After lunch we just wandered around a bit through the Pest side of the city. We saw already lots of beautiful buildings. What a beautiful city! We ended up having dinner close to the big basilica, where we also had some tasty cocktails.

It was a beautiful sunny day again and we decided to go to the famous thermal bath house.  It was a really big yellow building, with lots of warm and cold thermal baths and also some saunas. It was fun to see and a great experience, but it wasn’t really my thing. After the baths, we visited the Heroes Square and a market. We did some shopping and in the evening we went to the biggest ruin club/pub in Budapest.

Our last full day in Budapest we went to the Buda side. It has hills, with a lot of beautiful building on top of the hills, and you have an amazing view on the Parlement and over the rest of the city. We wandered around there, it was amazing.

For dinner we ate at a fancy Italian restaurant. Really nice.

That was already our last day, the next day we flew back home. I had a great time in Budapest. It is a fun city and there is a lot to explore. I am really happy that sent us there! The flight and accommodation were also really good, we had a great hostel and it was in the middle of the city.

Thank you so much for visiting, and I wish you all a lovely day xx

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16 thoughts on “SRPRS ME: Budapest | Travel Diary

    1. Yes it is so much fun! Depends on what trip you book, but the one I did only goes to European cities. You should check out there site, first they only did it for the Dutch, but they now extended to some other countries where you can book!

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    1. It defintely was! I know I like the idea so much, also because you don’t have to worry about the place, accomodation and what there is too see. You just know you’ll end up in a fun place and you can enjoy your trip more!

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  1. Ik was ook aan ’t denken om misschien eens met op reis te gaan, maar de prijs schrok me een beetje af. Voor enkel vluchten + accommodatie vind ik €700 voor 5 nachten wat veel. Maar na het lezen van je blog, heb ik toch wel zin om het toch te doen!

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    1. Hey, je kan verschillende reizen kiezen, die ook allemaal een andere prijs hebben. Ik heb voor de broke reis gekozen, waar de beginprijs voor 4 dagen geloof ik 145 euro is. Natuurlijk verschillen de prijzen wel per datum, maar ik probeer altijd de goedkoopste datum te kiezen om te gaan. Ik raad het zeker aan om te doen. Hopelijk heb je hier iets aan!


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