Ho Chi Minh City | Travel Diary

The last stop of the tour is Ho Chi Minh City. We fly on Friday from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City. Short flight again, nice nap.

I spended my day with Paulien, Josie and Cat. We went to the Note Coffee, yep we found one also in Saigon. The ice cream was so good! I had the matcha green tea and black sesame.  Really nice. 

After that we went for a little wander in the city. We wanted to visit a church, but sadly we were a few minutes late so it was already closed. We also found the old post office, it was very beautiful.

In the evening we had our last dinner with the whole group. For the most it was the last day in Vietnam, so we made it a special night. First a nice dinner and after that going out. The theme was shitty shirt night, and there had to be a winner of course. It was lots of fun. Sadly I was still sick so Paulien and I went for a midnight tea at the Note Coffee instead of going out.

On Saturday morning we had to say goodbye to everyone that was leaving. So sad. 
After that I went back to bed, and somewhere around noon I went to the war museum with everyone that was still in Saigon. It was very touching, but good to see and learn. 

In the evening we went to the Glow skybar with everyone, as it was the last night of my girls. So sad. But the view was great, and it was happy hour what made the price a little bit better. 

After that we also had some dinner, in a cheaper place. It was a great night.

On Sunday I went on a tour to the Cu Chi tunnels with the guys. Really impressive and interesting. They showed all the bootytraps they used against the Americans, the clothing and how they made the weapons. We also had the opportunity to crawl inside a tunnel. It was so small and dark, I wouldn’t like being inside there for long. 

You also had the opportunity to shoot with a gun, and as I visited the tunnels with the boys, of course they had to do it. It was cool to see. 

After the tour we went back to the city, and had a last day with Paulien, as she was leaving today. So sad 😦

In the evening I just had a nice dinner with the guys in an Irish pub, so Vietnamese. 

Monday was my last actual day in Vietnam. After a big breakfast/lunch something I went to the market to shop all my Vietnam souvenirs for my family. I’m so bad at bargain prices, but eventually we had some great deals.

In the evening we had some dinner at at fancy rooftop bar, I saw it already from the outside, and all the colorfull light looked so nice. The food was also great, and happy hour again! Always nice haha. 

I also had to go the the Note Coffee for the last time, the people there are so nice and kind. They even recognised me, so cute! 

That were my last days in Vietnam. The next morning I will leave for Cambodia. I’m going from Saigon to Phnom Penh by bus. On my own. Scary, but everything will be okay.

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5 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh City | Travel Diary

      1. Ja, al 6 keer of zo. Ik ga liever op vakantie naar andere Aziatische landen. Wanneer ik naar Vietnam kom is het voor familiebezoek… Maar het eten is daar echt wel het beste dat ik al gehad heb! xoxo Sarah

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