Nha Trang | Travel Diary 

Tuesday evening we left Hoi An, to go with the night bus to Nha Trang. Interesting experience, especially when you’re getting ill. Gladly I was able to sleep a bit. At 6 in the morning we arrived in Nha Trang. My day started with being forgotten by my travel leader when I got out of the bus. Luckily I was with someone from my group, but still. Eventually he picked us up with the motorbike. With a heavy backpack on a motorbike, not the best but oh well, you see crazier things in Asia. 

After a long nap, I went for breakfast/lunch something with Josie and Paulien. We found this adorable restaurant called Alpaca, seriously if you’re ever there, visit it! The food, interior, how they present the food, just everything is amazing! 

Sadly I didn’t get any better, and my throat started hurting so much I could barely speak. We went to the beach and I got an amazing nap again haha. My day kind of was napping everytime I got the chance. 

In the evening we ate at the restaurant across our hotel, really cheap and I loved the interior again. After that I went straight to bed. (Maybe Paulien and I watched Netflix, who knows)

Thursday, another beach day! This time with our group. And this time a was a bit more active and didn’t sleep the whole day. The sea was lovely.

In the evening I had some dinner with Cat, Paulien and Josie at Alpaca again. I just loved that place, they are so kind. 

After that Josie, Cat and I decided to take a little stroll to the beach. Actually we didn’t really make it to the beach abitnd ended up at a night market. I just love night markets and cheesy souvenirs. (I mean do you see my face on the picture before the last one? yeah) Even though I kind of was in my pyjamas, it was a fun night. And don’t Josie and I make a lovely couple haha. 

On Friday we’re going to fly to Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon. Our last stop in Vietnam. Exciting!

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