Beautiful Hoi An | Travel Diary

It is time to finally leave the north of Vietnam and Hanoi and move to the south.

We left Hanoi at 7 on Sunday morning to go to the airport. I had a great nap in the plane. Sadly Da Nang welcomed us with rain. 

Our hotel was amazing, it was so luxurious and beautiful.  And we had our own pool! But first we went for a bike ride through Hoi An, to go for lunch. I carried Josie at the back of my bike, and I don’t know how but we lost the group and out of the nowhere we luckily bumped into them again. We had a great lunch and the city is so beautiful! 

Even though it was quite cold, we still took a dip in the swimming pool. 

In the evening we wanted to have dinner in the old center, but because we were with a big group the tried to let us buy tickets to walk on the streets there. It didn’t make sense. Eventually we ate outside the center and did some drinks at a bar across the river. The city looks so beautiful by night, because there are colorfull lampions everywhere. It was an amazing day

On Monday we went to Mý Son, the old temple ruines. It was really impressive to see. Sadly a lot of the temples have been destroyed because of the Vietnam War. There also were some bomb holes. The stories that our guide told were also really interesting and impressive. I don’t really have words for it.

When we came back from the temples, I just took a nap and then went to the ancient town to get some lunch. It also started to get dark and a few light sculptures were already there for the festival. So beautiful! 

In the evening I had dinner with als few and I went to the night market to get some souvenirs. After that I went to the bar to meet the others and we had als fun night!

Tuesday Beach day! Paulien, Josie, Henry and I hired a bicycle to go to the beach. I think it was and 20 minute ride and the weather was so nice! 

The beach was beautiful and so wavy. We had a lot of fun in the big waves. And ofcourse I had to get a coconut and make this cheesy hipster instagram picture. After a delicious lunch it was time to get back to the hotel. We had to catch our night bus that would bring us to Nha Trang. Sadly I was also starting to get sick, but everything will be fine. Hoi AN was definetly one of my favorite places in Vietnam. I loved it! 

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15 thoughts on “Beautiful Hoi An | Travel Diary

  1. Great pictures! Mmmh I wonder about the story the guide told you…it always makes me so sad to hear that cultural treasures were destroyed by such senseless crimes. Not even beginning to think about the human losses…


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