Last days in Hanoi | TRAVEL Diary

On Friday we left Sapa to go back to Hanoi. We arrived in the evening. I went for dinner with a few and after that we went out. It was loads of fun!

On Saturday I slept a bit longer and after that I met up with Josie and Paulien (after having amazing  american waffles for breakfast). Of course we ended up at the Note Coffee and we also had a little spa date. I decided to to a pedicure, but I got a whole foot treatment out of the nowhere. It was nice though. 

In the evening we went for dinner in this super cute restaurant with the whole group. It was amazing! 

On Sunday we are going to leave Hanoi really early in the morning. I liked Hanoi, but after three weekends it’s time to leave it behind and go to a new destination! Hoi an here we come!

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14 thoughts on “Last days in Hanoi | TRAVEL Diary

    1. It was like a leg mask. So strange! I asked for a pedicure and I got this leg and food massage and mask and scrub and so much. Little misunderstanding, but really nice! Thank you!!


  1. Great picture! Good luck in Hoi An – we’ve been there last week. A lot to see there, don’t miss Madame Phuong’s Banh Mi and make sure to book a tour to My Son :).


    1. Actually there is quit a lot to tell about Hanoi. I’ve spended there several weekends and this was the last one. If you scroll a bit more back, you’ll find two blogposts called ‘Birthday in Hanoi’ and ‘Hanoi part two’ . It was indeed a really unique city. I got a foot treatment, what escalated in a leg mask. I’m still confused what was going on there. Have a nice day!


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