Sapa | Travel Diary

In the second week of my adventure in Vietnam we went to Sapa for a few days.

Our trip started on Monday morning, we got picked up for the bus and had this 5 hour drive to Sapa. It was really long an tiring. When we arrived in Sapa, the wheaten was really bad. It was raining and really cloudy, you couldn’t see a thing. Also it was so cold, but luckily we had a heat pad in our mattress. I didn’t really do anything that day, expect playing pool.

The next day we left the hotel to go for a hike to the home stay. We first visited Cat Cat village, where you have this amazing waterfall. It was really brown though because of the weather. We also hiked through and over the rice fields. The weather was still a bit rainy and cloudy so the ways were really muddy. In the afternoon we arrived in the homestay were we had and nice dinner and made some springrolls. The people in Sapa also make their own rice wine, so we had to taste that. I don’t recommend this to anyone, but it’s fun to try.

The second day in the homestay we went for another hike. This time to another waterfall and the view was amazing! Sapa is so incredibly beautiful. It was finally a sunny day so after the hike it was the perfect weather for laying outside. For dinner we made some springrolls again and in the evening our guide wanted to play drinking games with rice wine. Lots of fun, but rice wine is still horrible.

On Thursday we went with the bus back to the town. I just hade some lunch with my girls and we wandered a bit around. In the evening we had dinner with the group and went to a cocktail bar with a few. It was a fun night.

Friday was our last day in Sapa and our tour guide went to a cultural museum with us. Very interesting too learn about there culture. After that we went to a big market. A few hours later it was time to go back to the bus station and go back to Hanoi. There we would spend another weekend. 

Even though Sapa was quite cold, it was a great experience that I would never forget. I loved the nature, the hikes and the views. It was amazing.

Thank you very much for reading! I have some free time now, so I will try to catch up with my blog. I haven’t written in a while, because I didn’t really have free nights and great Internet.  Right now, I am in Pnohm Penh in Cambodia. I just arrived today and it’s really different to be all on your own, because the other 5 weeks I travelled with a group and there was always someone you could go to. I’m not feeling lonely though, I love doing activities all along and I’m really proud of myself that I arrived safe in my hostel all by myself. It’s a great learning experience, it already was, but now being all alone will be too. I will keep you updated!

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