Hanoi part two | Travel Diary 

After a few days in the country side it was time to go back to Hanoi. We spent a weekend there.

March 25th 

The whole weekend we have free days, so everyone can do whatever they want. In the morning our tour guide Leo wanted to drink egg coffee with us, so we came along with him. It actually was very tasty, really sweet. 

Around noon Josie, Paulien, Cat and I went to a big mall close to Hanoi. The only thing we did there was eating at Pizza Hut and look around. It wasn’t that nice as they described.

In the evening I went for some drinks and dinner. It was great.

March 26th

Another free day! Josie, Paulien and I went for some breakfast to the Note Coffee. So cute, it was adorable! The food and coffee was also delicious, the place was just amazing.

After that we walked to the old prison. I didn’t really have much history in school, so I didn’t know much about it, but it was so impressive. I was so shocked and still can’t believe and understand how people can do such awfull things to others. It made and still makes me really sad.

When walking back we found this amazing mall with really expensive stores as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior. I just love watching wealthy people showing of and seeing all the luxurious stores.

For lunch we ate some really nice burgers at chops. They were delicious. 

Because it was weekend, the streets around the river were closes and there was a lot of busking and children playing everywhere. It was so nice to see.

In the evening we had some potato sticks again and a massage. I thought this time it wouldn’t hurt as much as a Thai massage, but she still was slapping my back as if she was playing drums. Massages aren’t my cup of tea.

The weekend in Hanoi was lots of fun and on Monday we’ll leave to spend the week in Sapa.

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