Adventures in Tam Côc | Travel Diary

After a few days in Hanoi, we left the city to go to a small village near Ninh Bình. 

March 22th
Early in the morning we left Hanoi with the bus to go to the village. It was a really tiny bus, but they use every space there is. Great if you’re a bit ill, but I survived.

After we arrived we made a little hike through the rice fields to a temple.  The view and mountains were so beautiful.

March 23th

Today we went for a bike ride to this view point.  The hike upstairs was so heavy but the view was totally worth it. It was amazing! After that we rode our bikes to the river to take a little romantic boat trip. We also went into this bat cave. Didn’t really like I though, bats are scary. 

March 24th
In the morning we had some Vietnamese cooking lessons, we learned how to make spring rolls and decorations. Really cute.

In the afternoon we went back with the bus to Hanoi. In the evening we had some dinner with the group and at night some drinks and a little party. It was lots of fun. We’re in Hanoi for the whole weekend. 

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8 thoughts on “Adventures in Tam Côc | Travel Diary

  1. oh zo gaaf!! krijg heimwee dat lekkere eten en die springrols, als je het recept heb thuis maken straks dan kunnen we ze weer proeven. veel liefs Angélique

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