HALONG BAY |Travel Diary

On Tuesday we went to the beautiful Halong Bay. We left really early because it was a four hour ride. So long omg. But totally worth it.

When we arrived there we went on this ‘cruise’ boat where we had some typical Vietnamese food. It was really good. From the roof you could see all the beautiful mountains in the water, ofcourse we had to do a little photoshoot.

The first stop we made was at a floating market, where we went for a little kayak ride. It was so beautiful and so much fun, but also so heavy because we had to paddle against the flow. 

After that we went to an island where we went up to the view point. It was so heavy but the view was amazing. Totally worth it.

Then it was time for the long way back. The sunset was beautiful from the boat. It was a great day. And halong bay was so beautiful.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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