Koh Phangan | Travel Diary

The last island we visited this tour. We stayed here for 3 days.


I don’t have any pictures of this day because my phone was in a rice bag. Also we travelled all day long. First we had to go two hours with the ferry from koh Phi Phi to the mainland, then around 4 hours in the bus to go to the other side of the country and then again 3 hours or so with the ferry. We arrived pretty late in the hostel and I was so sleepy with dinner.

DAY 10
Today I went to the Ang Thon National marine Park with a few others. With the speed boat we went there. First we did some snorkeling, walking to the view point and kanoën.  It was so much fun and so beautiful! With the kanoën we also went in a cave, it was so small that you had to lay down and then the ceiling of the cave was so close, it was crazy. In the evening we just went to the bar for some drinks and in the evening I went for a walk on the beach.

DAY 11

Our full last day on Koh Phangan. Early in the morning we went away with the scooter to go to a waterfall in the middle of the island and to malubi beach. At first I was little bit scared to drive here because there are a lot of hills and they drive to the left. But I they end I dared to do it and it was so much fun! 

Also I found this palmtree and it was so beautiful, but it was so hard to take a picture, because the first time I fell of the palm tree into the sea oops.

In the evening we went to watch the sunset with the whole group and some dinner. After that again to the bar and I met finally some Dutch guys. It was great to finally speak my own language again! We also did some night swimming in the pool with a few, it was crazy haha

So now I’m waiting for my taxi to come, my ferry leaves at 14.30 and will bring me back to Surathani station where I will take the night train back to Bangkok. I have to go all one my own, little bit scary but it will be okay 🙂 (Update: Everything went fine with the ferry and bus, now I’m just waiting for my train in a cute restaurant where I ate some fried rice with watermelon shake. I’m halfway there!)

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