Koh Phi Phi | Travel Diary

Last day of the tour today, in a few hours I’ll go with the ferry back to Surathani and take the night train back to Bangkok.But first a short post about Koh Phi Phi 🙂


Today we travelled from the Khao Sok National Park to the Island Koh Phi Phi. We arrived there at noon, just before sunset so I went to the view point to see it. It was really beautiful. In the evening we had a beach party, it was so much fun! And it’s so beautiful here 🙂


Today we could had a free morning so it was possible to sleep very long. Instead of sleeping I went to the beach with a few girls, the water is so nice and warm here. Later we went to Maya Bay with the whole group. We first had to swim from the boat to the cave to get there. It was really pretty. Sadly I brought my phone with me to Maya Bay because they say it is waterproof, but apparently not ocean proof. So I was a little bit stressed in yhe evening because my phone didn’t want to charge. In my pyjamas I went over the island searching for phone fixing shop but it was closed already.  Glady we could get some rice and now it’s working again 🙂

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