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Hi guys!

Today I want to show you my february shoplog. I know february isn’t over yet, in fact it only just begon. However, I’m not planning on shopping anymore this month, only some things for my backpack trip (I mean, how am I supposed to go backpacking without a backpack). Some of the things I bought, are also a bit for my backpacking adventure πŸ™‚



Last Saturday I went to Utrecht for my assessment for optometrie, it went quit well. I had this trainticket what I could use all day long, so I decided to go to Amsterdam and The Hague afterwards. In all three cities I did some shopping, in Utrecht some cinnabons, in the Hague some delicious Chinese food (yes I travelled all the way there for some Chinatown food…) and in Amsterdam I actually went to visit the NYX store and Forever21. Didn’t buy anything at both stores. On my way back to the station I came past the new huge Primark, so I decided to take a look. For a while I was searching for a affordable, small, flat bag. And there it was, just hanging in the Primark for only €7! The fit is great, perfect for my phone, a lipstick, money and even an ereader or book fits in.


The next thing in my shoplog is my ereader. Now I don’t have to buy books anymore on vacation because I ran out of books haha. I purchased it in January though, but only bought the case last weekend. I went for this beautiful rosegold case. Same as my phone, I just love pinkish colors.



Saw this one hanging too in the Primark in Amsterdam. The tourist me couldn’t resist it, and it was only €3.



On Sunday I did an order at the webshop of HEMA (a dutch store). I ordered a passport cover and some notebooks, already for my trip. At least now my passport can’t damage (hopefully), and it looks cute!

I also purchased this cute duvet cover from HEMA, it’s grey with little white hearts all over it. It’s adorable!

IMG_5000 (2).JPG


Finally I had the balls to get a second earlobe earring! For a while now I was in doubt if I should do it or not. I was mostly scared that I wouldn’t like how it looks. I decided I just had to do it, and if I didn’t like it I could always take it out. And I’m so happy I did it! I really like how it looks.

Shooting the earring (I know getting it pierced is better, but shooting is faster and less painfull they say) however wasn’t that great. I don’t get how people say it doesn’t hurt, because you surely feel something pinching in your ear, and that’s really not something I would like to experience everyday. And I’m not even talking about the hurting afterwards. That was the worse.  But, I survived the ‘pain’ and I’m really happy with the result!

That’s it, thanks for visiting! Have a lovely day πŸ™‚

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