When I was in London, I stopped by the Boots at Oxford Street where they sell NYX. I shopped some new lipcolors and also this brow pomade. For a while I was searching for a affordable brow pomade, cause I really wanted to try it but the Anastasia Beverly Hills one is kinda expensive.


First off, all those people that worked there, their makeup looked amazing! This kind man that helped me had done his makeup soo goood. Those skills omg I’m jealous. Well I couldn’t decide wich color I needed so he helped me. He applied the right color on my brows and wow they ended up so beautiful. My brows never looked so good.

I bought the brow pomade in the color espresso. That one looked the most natural.

IMG_4901 (2).JPG

This is what my eyebrows look like naturally. They are pretty full and bold, but I always like to give them some extra color. They also have some gaps, so I like to fill them in.

IMG_4908 (2).JPG

This is what they look like filled in. The look fuller and sharper. It also looks more ‘clean’ in my opinion.

(btw realise I didn’t photgraph the same brows….)

I’m really content with my new brow pomenade. I didn’t need much product for a brow, only one dip. And I like how they look, after applying the product. Sadly they don’t look as good as that time in London, I wish that man could do them everyday. (Seriously they looked amazing!)

You can buy it online here for around €7, but I suggest buying it in a store so you can test the colors and be sure wich one you need. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!

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