LUSH Sugar Plum Fairy Lipscrub | Review


When I was in Maastricht, I bought this lipscrub by LUSH. I’ve really wanted a lipscrub for so long, but I never bought it because it is kinda expenive. But it was sale and all the Christmas products were for 50% off, so I got this Christmas lipscrub.


The product is blue/purple and smells really sweet. The Lush sweet, like when you get in the store, that smell. It is not really possible to describe, but if you know the Lush smell, you probably understand it.

The packaging promises to give me magical soft lips. It is mostly made out of sugar and jojoba oil, all natural.


This is what the scrub looks like on the lips. Sugary and a bit blue. It tastes good too.

My lips didn’t really look any different, they felt softer but that was it. I like the product, it looks cute, it smells good and it’s fun. But honestly, I wouldn’t pay the full price (10 euro) for it. This is something I can make myself with honey/oil and sugar. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Lush, but I’m happy I bought it in the sale and I feel that this products is a bit overpriced.

Have a lovely day!

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10 thoughts on “LUSH Sugar Plum Fairy Lipscrub | Review

  1. I absolutely love Lush. Their products are so great; smell great AND are natural. I saw this one at the sale too but I’m already using their popcorn lip scrub. Loving that purple colour though, and I can imagine it smelling great. Great blog.

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    1. I love their products too!
      I’m curious about can you tell me more about it, because I would love to write and share more of my posts. I will send you an email!


  2. I have one of these and I love it a lot… I “apply” it before the lipstick obviously I wash it off but then my lips are nice and smooth!

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