Sephora Must-have Makeup Palette


A while ago, when I was in Milan, I spotted the Sephora. Of course I had to visit, as we don’t have Sephora stores in the Netherlands. I did not really need something actually, but I bought this palette what Sephora called the Must Have Palette. Well as Sephora says so, I must have it right? So I bought it. May be handy for trips or vacations I thought. Well, it may be, but I wouldn’t know as I did not use it once since I’m home. (It’s been 5 months or so that I’m back home oops). Until now that I forced myself to finally swatch the colors, and I’m surprised!


The packaging is very cute and girly with the pink tones. It looks like a little notebook. The size is very small and it is compact to take with you. There are four eyeshadow, a blush, a bronzer and a mirror inside. They also put in a description on how to use the shades in French and English.


The eyeshadow colors are very natural, nothing crazy. The white and dark brown one are matte, the two others a glittery (very glittery). The blush and bronzer contain both glitters.


Left to right: 1 Delicate matte beige, 2 Luminous gold, 3 Metallic taupe, 4 Intense matte brown

The pigment is great! The dark brown matte color is perfect for the crease, the white one for the brow bone and one of the glittery colors on the eyelid and you have a fun eyelook. Perfect to take with you on a trip or something.


The blush is a beautiful pink, and also very pigmented wow. The bronzer is more gold, I don’t think this is a good color to contour or something. Maybe when you are already a bit sunkissed, that you can create a glow with this. But I don’t really like that bronzer, it’s too gold/orange/glittery.


The first eyelook I created was with the colors 4 Intense matte brown and 3 Metallic taupe. I tried making a soft smokey eye. Using the matte brown as the dark color, more dark on the eyelid and blending it softer upwards with a little help of the color 1 Delicate matte beige to soften the edges. With the metallic taupe on the middle of the eyelid I wanted to create a pop of light, to make it less dark.


The other look was supposed to be a more wearable look for day time. I used the Intense matte brown in the crease and the Luminous gold on the eyelid. But it became one big glitter eye. The luminous gold shade has a lot of fall out, so the glitters are everywhere.

For a natural matte look you can also use the matte brown in the crease and the delicate matte beige on the lid. But I wanted to try out the glitter eyeshadows for a more festive look. So this palette gives you the possibility to create 3 kinds of looks: a natural one, a silver party one and a gold party one.

The palette is fine. It has a great size for taking it with you and the little mirror is also handy. The colors are pigmented and good to make different looks. The only disadvantage is that they are very powdery and give a lot of fall out.The blush is also pretty, but the bronzer is too gold. Personally I wouldn’t use it. But the palette is great to take with you for touching ups or trips πŸ™‚

The palette is available here. The site says it costs $18, but I believe I payed less for it haha.

Thanks for visiting!

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