Winter Essentials

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As it is getting colder and it is beginning to look a lot more like winter, I thought it was time for a winter essentials list.


Probably very obvious, but I am that kind of person that always forgets gloves or don’t feel the need to buy them. I always feel like oh I don’t need that, but I always regret it once I’m outside. So a good jacket, gloves/mittens and a warm scarf are definitely some winter essentials for me.


Getting cold is not on my list this winter, so some warm sweaters are also definitely a must! In this post I already showed my favorite sweaters of the moment. I just love sweaters so much, they are comfy and warm.


During autumn and winter I love to wear boots. Sneaker are better for walking, but they give me cold ankles. My favorite boots at the moment are my ‘over the knee boots‘ (but they are actually: just under the knee boots) and my ankle boots. As long as they are warm it’s fine. Oh and don’t forget the warm fluffy socks!


Can’t forget a makeup look, natural makeup looks are my favorite. But I also love a dark lip for winter. And ofcourse we have the Christmas season where you can go wild with your makeup looks. I also love wearing no makeup during winter, my skin already gets affected so much by the cold weather.


The cold affects your skin so much, it’s very important to take a lot of care to it. My favorite body butters are the ones from the Body Shop. They make your skin so soft and they smell sooooo good!


Your skin always needs care, but during winter it needs some extra care. Try to stick to your morning and evening skin care routine and use a moisturising product in the evening. Also a face mask once in a while don’t hurt nobody!


I don’t know about you but my hands always get so dry! And my cuticuls also tear. It hurts so much. My favorite products to soften my hands are the Rituals Miracle Balm Cream (not sure if they still sell it, because I couldn’t find the products in the webshop) and the Lush Lemony Flutter. They work very good!


Just as my hands, my lips also get very dry and tear. I’ve tried a lot of products but the Burt Bees Lip Balms are definitely my favorites! I like the honey one the most, because that one smells so good.

I hope you liked it and that you could get something out of it! Let me know what your winter essentials are!

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