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A few days ago I finally received my phone cases. I’ve ordered them at Miniinthebox, this site is comparable to ebay. The phone cases are very cheap there, the only disadvantage is that you have to wait so long until you get them. I had to wait one month 😦 But at least they are pretty 🙂

I ordered 3 different cases, one glittery, one with Chanel products and one that was an all round case (transparant case for the front and the back)


This is definitely my favorite one! I love the glitters and I love how the silver looks very good on my rosegold phone. You can order it here.

IMG_4438.JPGThis one is also so cute! I like how the Chanel products fit also very good with the rosegold. You can order it here.


Last one. This is the case that protects the front and the back. You can not really see it on the photos, but on the front and back there is a silicone case. The idea is great, everything is protected. The only thing is that my screen doesn’t react very good anymore. Maybe it is because I already have a screenprotecter on my screen. Unfortunate because I really liked the idea. You can order it here.

I hope you liked it (I’m really happy with them and wanted to show them haha). Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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