Sleek Rose Gold Blush | Review

Sleek Rosegold.jpg

The Sleek Rose Gold blush is a well known beauty product, as it is a dupe of the the Nars Orgasm blush. Sadly I can’t compare them since I don’t own the Nars blush, but I can review the Sleek one!


First of all, the color. It’s beautiful! It’s (as the name says) a rose gold color. When you look at it very closely you see that it’s a rose color with gold. The blush contains gold glitters that give a beautiful glow. All together it gives a beautiful rose color on the cheeks with a gold glow. You barely need highlighter.


Because of the gold, this blush is kinda warm toned, but it will look lovely on anyone because it isn’t that warm. You can also built up the color, from a sheer rose color with a gold glow to a very pigmented pink. I personally like to wear it more sheer.


This is my face with only foundation on.


And here I’m wearing Rosegold, it’s so pretty! I put a little bit too much on my cheek so it would be better to see on camera, but do you see the gold glow? Beautiful!

Well as you can see I’m really positive about this blush, actually I love it! This is one of the only blushes I wear, because it is very easy to combine and it gives a natural beautiful glow on the cheeks.

For the dutchies, you can purchase this blush for €6.50 here. 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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