December: Christmas Season


Ohmygod it’s December already! That means it’s Christmas in 24 days. That also means it is now finally socially accepted to put up the Christmas tree (even though I already put up mine in November oops), I can start opening my chocolat advent calandar yay and that winter is here. December is definitely one of my favorite months of the year, mostly because Christmas is my favorite season. I’m already playing the Spotify Christmas Hits playlist haha, I love it so much.


My cute little Christmas tree with a way to big star on top.

Well to come more in the Christmas/December season here are some fun Christmas songs 🙂

Love Queen, this one has to be in here haha.

This one is a playlist I found on youtube haha, enjoy!

Just had to share my Christmas and December excitment! Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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