OOTD: Burgundy Turtleneck



Hi guys,

This is the first time I post an outfit on my blog. I’m not really a fashionista or something and I’ve never done something like this but I thought why not give it a try. There is a first time for everything. So last Saturday my dad and I decided to shoot some photos for the blog. It was fun to ‘model’, but I really have to work on my serious face I look soooo angry (didn’t mean to though).

Well let’s talk about the outfit. It’s very simple. The burgundy turtleneck is from Primark. I love turtleneck shirts and especially this one because the color is lovely! The black highwaisted jeans are from H&M, love their jeans. They fit me perfectly and aren’t expensive. The black heel booties are from Van Haren and the denim jacket is from H&M (but I got it from a friend 🙂 ) The denim jacket wasn’t originally meant to fit with the outfit but it was so cold! And in the end it looks pretty cool.

Also I love the setting, we made these pictures on Strijp S, a very cool place. I’m working on a post about this place so I can show you guys more! Oh and I’m sorry for the overload of ‘me -pictures’, the end photos look really cool but it feels so strange to upload so many photos of my self.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day!


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