Sweater Weather


It is sweater time! It is almost December now and I got the permission of my self to finally think and talk about winter. Winter and sweater just belong together. So I wanted to make a blogpost dedicated to sweaters. I just love sweaters, in winter you mostly will find me in a warm sweater, jeans and boots. I am not a fashionista at all so I always go for comfy and warm, especially in winter (in other words: SWEATERS)

My favorite sweaters are the knitted ones. They are warm and pretty. The only trouble I have with them is that I always get stuck in tables and stuff with my sweater mweh.


This is definitely one of my favorites! Also one of my first knitted sweater, after this one I wanted more warm knitted sweaters. This one is by H&M, but I bought it 2 years ago.


This one is from Primark. (Probably not available anymore, because I purchased it one year ago). This is my only sweater with color in it, well dark blue that almost looks black, but color is color right. I love the white lace detail on the bottom!


My other sweater with a lace bottom! It is so cute. This one is from Forever21. (And not a dark color!!)



The warmest sweater I own! This one is so thick. It is light grey and the bottom is a bit different. I bought it at Primark.


Well I said that I mostly wear and own dark clothes, but now I see I was not quite right. I also own quite a lot lighter color sweaters. This one is a turtleneck sweater, very warm on the neck! It is from Forever21.


My favorite crop top sweater from Pull&Bear. I really love the fit and the color of this one! Even though it is cropped, it is still very long.


A basic black jumper, always handy. This one is from Primark.


This is not really a thick sweater, but still love it. Especially because it is warm enough (it does not get freezing cold most of the times in the Netherlands) but also not too warm. And it has a turtleneck! I love turtlenecks. This one is also from Primark. I shop there way too much.


Last one! I just had to show my Christmas sweater. Last Christmas I got this one from my boyfriend as a present. It is so cute! Can not wait till this Christmas so I can wear more ugly Christmas sweaters.

(By the way, I realise that I have used the word sweater way too much in this post. So annoying haha sorry)

I hope you liked! Thank you so much for visting and reading, have nice day!

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4 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. Aw the penguin one is so sweet! I’ve really been struggling to find nice jumpers this year that aren’t too similar to what I already own so I’ll definitely check out Forever21 – I really love your cream turtleneck one from there! And the shade of the Pull & Bear one is so perfect and wintery! This is a really cute post! xx

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