Go Alone


Hi everyone,

Since I have a gap year, I have a lot of time. Of course I have my job and write for my blog, but I still have a lot of time. I realised that there are a lot of activities that you can do on your own! On the one hand it can be strange in the beginning, but on the other hand you see that you do not need another person to do fun things with and that it is fine to do things on your own. Personally I do not mind going shopping on my own, I see it as ‘me time’ and every person needs me time! That you undertake activities on your own does not mean you are lonely, you are just an independert human being. I will list my favorite alone activities down below!


I love shopping on my own. Especially because I can stay in the stores as long as I want to and go to the stores that I want to all at ease. The only disadvantage for me is that I am very doubtful and really love having a second opinion.

Go for a walk

This is also a perfect activity to do on your own. You can just enjoy the nature around you, have deep thoughts or of course just think about nothing.

Go to the gym

When I first started going to the gym I never wanted to go on my own. I always went with a friend because I just did not like going alone. But now, I go on my own all the time. I mean you go to the gym for yourself right, not for anyone else.


Most of the time people go watch a movie together, but why could you not go on your own? I did it once (One Direction This is Us haha, no one wanted to go with me so I decided I would just go alone) and it was not weird at all. If there is a movie that you really want to see but there is no one who wants to go with you, just go alone and enjoy the movie.


This is almost the same as the movies. Why not? Shortly I am going to try this one for the first time!


This is a very good activity to get independent! It scares me a bit to go travel alone, but it is also a great experience. And remember you don’t have to go to a far destination, you can also do a day city trip in your own county or a weekend city trip.


I have never done this, but going out dining on your own is also great. Maybe it feels weird in the beginning, because it is not ‘normal’, but I do not see the problem. Just do it if you want to!


Once I have read that there are people who go clubbing on their own. I would not really try this because I am just not a person for clubbing, let alone on my own haha.

Well that is everything for so far. Ofcourse there is a lot more, like reading a good book, watching series in bed and baking cookies! It may seem weird or scary for the first time, but maybe you enjoy it when you try it. You never know!

Thank you very much for reading and have a nice day!

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