Date night: Pizza & Glow | A day in my life


This weekend my boyfriend and I went on a date. We ate dinner at Happy Italy, an Italian fast food restaurant in the Netherlands. It’s always so crowded there and we had to wait 40 minutes (!!!) in line to go in. But it was delicious.

Our pizzas: Pizza Salami and Pizza Prosciutto. And our dessert: Pizza fragola. It’s a pizza with mascerpone and strawberries. It’s delicious! They also have a pizza Nutella. Still want to try that one!

After dinner we walked Glow. Glow is an evenement where art made out of light is exposed all over the city where I live. It’s every year and every year is different. There were two routes you could walk, we chose for the science route because there were more ‘spectacular’ things.

The piece that I liked the most was the lightning that made music ( You can see it on the left below).

We had a really fun night! I really enjoyed it 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!


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