My Vanity | Makeup Storage


Today I want to show you my vanity. I store all my makeup, perfume, hair products and nailpolish here. Just all my beauty related products. Oh and it can look messy because of all the products and colors. Still working on it.

IMG_4319 (2).JPG

This is what my vanity looks like. I bought it at Leenbakker, at that time it was the only store in the Netherlands that sold an affordable vanity. But Ikea has one too now, it looks almost the same but in my opinion it’s prettier because it has glass over the board. I’ve put a plastic plate on the board to protect it. The vanity has one big drawer, but this wasn’t big enough for all my makeup. So I purchased a cabinet to put all my beauty related products in. This one is from Ikea.


On the left of my vanity, on the higher drawer, I have my brushes. One cup with face brushes and the other with eyes, eyebrows and lip brushes. And also my beautyblenders. In front of my brushes I have a mirror with enlargement.


In the middle of my vanity, I have my perfumes. In my eyes it looks very pretty. Only disadvantage is that the sun shines on them and they don’t really like that…


On the right side of my vanity, on the other high drawer, I have a little trashcan and my dry shampoo by batiste. It doens’t look very pretty but it is handy in use.

On my cabinet I have my everyday makeup, a jewelry holder and my glitter palette that I still have to review (ooopss).

The picture above shows my first two drawers. The rest isn’t really interesting since it’s mostly full with bobby pins and brushes. In the first drawer I store all my lipproducts. The divider is from Ikea. The second drawer is for my eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes and contour palettes. In this drawer I’ve put two baskets to divide the products.


Last thing that I wanted to show are these flower lights that I’ve pinned around my mirror. It makes it more crowded but I like them 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my vanity, because I always like watching how others store there makeup. Maybe I could inspire someone 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!


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