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Last year, I’ve visited Rome, Italy. It was my first time and it was amazing! I can’t really describe it with words, pictures say way more.

But I will give some information. I was there in October, after summer. And it’s a great time to go, because in summer it will be so hot and also very crowded with tourists. In October there were still a lot of tourists, they will probably always be there. But the temperature was nice, around 20 degrees (Celicius).

Also, Rome is a big city. But we walked everything. It was so much walking, we walked an hour to the Vatican or something. There are metro’s, I believe, but my dad didn’t want to go because they say there are a lot of pickpockets there and it is also very crowded. So then it’s a lot of walking, and that was okay but after three days walking all the time my legs hurt ohmy.

Well that was the only negative thing, I guess. Rome is beautiful, especially when you love culture and the Roman time. There is so much to see! Too much maybe.

Some of the highlights are (that I’ve visited) (ohgod it’s so much I don’t even remember everything )

  • Colosseum (ofcourse!)
  • Forum Romanum – this used to be the center of the old Rome in the Roman time. It’s next to the Colosseum.
  • Vatican City – It’s possible to visit the St. Peter’s Basilica (for free). But the lines can be huuuuugeee. When we were there we also went into the dome, it gives a beautiful view over Vatican City and the St. Peter’s square.
  • Trevi Fountain – Well, I don’t know what it looks like when there is water in it because it was under reconstruction. (Because supporters of a Dutch soccer club ruined it, thaaanks)
  • Spanish Steps – Same goes for the Spanish Steps, also under reconstruction.
  • Pantheon – This is a basilica with a hole in the middle of the roof. Interesting.
  • Piazza Navona – This place was amazing! So fun and so beautiful!

Of course there is way more to see, a lot of churches, squares, streets and buildings. But it is way to much to numerate. Hope the pictures will show! (Excuse my not so good photograph skills)



Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!

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7 thoughts on “Citytrip: Rome | Travel Tip

  1. Rome looks so beautiful and is definitely on my travel list! I almost got to go there a few years ago but it didn’t quite work out 😔 your photos are really lovely! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts ☺️ x

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