Cream Master Contour Palette by Primark | Review


When I was in the Primark, I found this master contour palette. I really wanted to try this one, because the most cream palettes are by high end brands and very expensive. It was only €8, so why not.


On the back of the packaging is a description on how you can use the palette. Very helpfull.


The palette contains 1 glittery highlighter, 3 light colors and 4 dark/bronze/contour colors. I found the dark colors very warm, only one is suitable for contouring. Hmm


Swatches of the highlight colors. They are kinda pigmented. Not bad but also not very good. But let’s not forget it’s primark! Oh and the colors don’t have names, according to the back they are all called ‘highlight’


These are the contour colors. Again, just as the highlight colors, not bad but also not very very pigmented.

I also made an impression video about the palette! If you can’t see it, watch it here.


This is the end result. Not very proud of it haha. The highlighter is very bright and glittery and the contour color is very hard to blend. But let’s not forget it could also be my blending and contour skills, still working on it!

Thank you so much for reading!

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