Anne Frank House @ Amsterdam | A day in my life


This week I went to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank House with my family. I’ve seen it a few times from the outside and always wanted to visit it. My parents promised my sister and me to go when we would be old enough and understood the Second World War. That time was last week!


The Anne Frank House is a museum divided in two parts. One part is the original house with the Achterhuis (The Secret Annex) where she lived while hiding. The other part is the modern museum with mostly information about Anne and her family, the house, what happened and also her diaries.


The route through the house came first through the “normal” part of the house, after the bookcase you see on the picture began the Secret Annex. There were the rooms where the mainly stayed. The rooms were not that big, especially not for 10 people. It was difficult to imagine how they lived in the Secret Annex since there were no furniture in the rooms.


Past the Secret Annex, there was the modern museam again with the diaries, quotes and movies. Also there were the stories about what happened with the residents of the Secret Annex.

After our visit to the Anne Frank House, we walked through Amsterdam. We went to some stores and we ate there. We did not really go to sight seeing things, because we’ve been to Amsterdam a few times already.

We had fun and it was a nice day. Also the Anne Frank house was very impressive.

Thank you so much for reading!


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