Primark & Some Makeup | Shoplog


A few days ago I went shopping with my friend. Actually I was looking for some higher boots and a winterjacket, but of course I could not find what I wanted and ended up in the Primark. So I bought some stuff that was not really necessary (but also it is so yeah).


Let’s start with what I bought at Primark. First I saw this big glitter eye cream palette and you never know when you need some glitters right? The makeup brush cleaner also came handy because I always struggle with cleaning my brushes. And the big fluff keychain ball was something I really needed because I always lose my keys. This thing is so big it’s impossible to not find it in my bag.


Here is a close up of the glitter palette. I’ve tried some of the colors on my fingers, and in the container it feels really creamy and then on the finger it becomes chunky. It is not amazing quality (there sticks more to your finger than to your eye or arm when you try to wipe it there), but it is not that I expected that to be honest.


I also purchased a new fake beautyblender at a random store, a new eyebrow pencil form KIKO an a liquid highlighter from Makeup Acadamy. The eyebrow pencil from KIKO really looks like the Anastasia one by the way! I really like it!

That was everything I bought that shopping day (and a black longsleeve shirt that I’ve forgot to photograph). Oh and I’ve found long black boots some days later!

Thank you so much for reading!




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