Utrecht | A day in my life


A beautiful sunrise on the way to Utrecht

Last week I’ve visited the Dutch city Utrecht with my parents. We went very early in the morning to visit the school I want to attend next year. (By the way that was a very good choice, because I came to the conclusion that I want to study optometry instead of skin therapy! So it was already a very successfull day.)

After visiting the school we still had a lot time to go to the city. So we walked around, had a lunch, visited some stores and we went to the Dom (a big kathedral). I had a very fun day with my parents!


Very nice lunch!

An impression of Utrecht. The first pictures really reminds me of Amsterdam. And the second picture is a picture of the Dom.

I had to take a picture of all the amazing Lush products. I love it so much, but for me it’s useless to buy the bathbombs because we don’t have a bath :(. The picture on the right is the Pepernotenfabriek, a store full with pepernoten (it’s a dutch candy). It was amazing!

That were a few picture of my day in Utrecht, I really enjoyed it! Thank you very much for reading and have a nice day!



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