Tenerife 2016 | Travel Trowback


This summer my boyfriend and I went on a vacation together to Tenerife. Tenerife is one of the Spanish Canary Islands. It is a very beautiful island, but also very touristic. Tenerife has a lot of different sides. The north of Tenerife is very green and a bit ‘colder’, while the south is more dry and warmer. Also it is an vulcanic island, because of that there are parts where the beaches are more grey/black.

We stayed in the south of Tenerife, in Adeje. It was touristic, but not as touristic as Las Americas, a very crowded beach. There was a beautiful beach and a place with lots of stones in front of the hotel. And the sea was so blue, it was wonderfull.


There is more to do in Tenerife besides laying on the beach. So you can have a active vacation or a relaxing vacation at the beach. Our vacation was a combination of it. We’ve visited the vulcano El Teide,  the Masca Valley, the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Siam Park (a water park) and Playa de las Teresitas (the first picture). We went to everything by bus, because we were to young to rent a car. It was possible, but we wanted to go to some places that were really hard reach by bus. So if you want to see a lot, I would recommend going to Tenerife when you are 21+. But even though we couldn’t hire a car, we still saw a lot and had a great time!





That were some pictures of the beautiful island. I really enjoyed this vacation, I wish it could be summer again because it is so cold right now!

Thank you so much for reading, have a nice day!


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