Citytrip: Prague | Travel Tip


This summer I went on a trip with two of my best friends. We booked our four day trip at This is a Dutch travel agency where you can book surprise trips. We were really in for some adventure, so we decided to do this together!


When we were on the airport, we could finally find out where we were going to. And our destination was…. PRAGUE, Czech Republic! I was really excited, because I’ve never been there and it is also a city that  never really came to my mind.

We had a great time in Prague! The city was beautiful, full of culture. But there were also a lot of fun restaurants. It’s a young and lively city and there is a lot to do. I found it very hipster, but I like that! Also the architecture is beautiful!

Some highlights for me were definitly:

  • The John Lennon Wall
  • Charles Bridge
  • St Vitus Cathedral
  • Old town
  • Astronomical Clock
  • We also went on the river (the Moldau)  with a boat. That was really fun to do!

Here are some pictures so you get an idea of what Prague looks like. (I’m not the best photographer by the way)











I really enjoyed Prague, and my friends and I had so much fun! I would really recommend going there for a citytrip. It isn’t an expensive city at all, it is something different than Paris or London and if you love beer, Prague it is! They really love beer there haha.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and reading. Thank you so much for visiting!


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