NYX Soft Matte Lipcream | Swatches

In my previous post I wrote about my new NYX Soft Matte Lipcreams. I remembered that when I was deciding which I wanted, the colors in the packaging look very different from the colors on the lips. For me it was a bit confusing. So I wanted you to show what the colors really look like. I will show you all the colors I own.

Copenhagen – Rome – Budapest – Milan – Istanbul

I was not very creative in choosing different colors, they all look a like. But they are still all a bit different. The reason that the colors look a like is because these colors are my favorite for lipsticks.

As you can see the colors on my arm look a bit different than the colors in the packaging. For me this was confusing in the store. For example, Milan looks darker and more pink on the lips than in the package.

Copenhagen is dark red/purple (plum?) color. It’s beautiful and perfect for fall. On the picture it looks more red than purple, but it is actually more purple. I made a ton of pictures but on all photos it turned out more red than it really is.

Rome is a more brownish color. For me it is a ‘my lips but better’ color. Also this color looks a bit darker in real than on the picture. My phone makes really light pictures I guess. I’m sorry for that. But I think Rome is a beautiful everyday color, especially for fall and winter.

Budapest looks like Rome, but darker. I feel like it is a combination between Copenhagen and Rome, but more brownish than purple. Also very nice for fall and winter.

Milan is so different from the other lip creams that I’ve showed. It’s pink! It is a beautiful dark pink color, but not too neon or screaming pink. I bought it in the summer, I feel like it is a summer color. But it is also dark enough for the winter or fall if you want some color! ( but why would you care about other people’s opinions? Just wear whatever you want!)

Ps. As you can see my lips started to get a bit dry, they couldn’t handle all these lipsticks and rubbing it off haha. One more to go!

Istanbul is a light pink color. I have mixed feelings about it. I think it is a beautiful color, but sometimes it is too light for me and other times I really like it. I don’t really now. But it is a beautiful color for sure!

That were all the swatches of the NYX Soft Matte Lipcreams that I own. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading!



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