Travel Bucketlist


There is so much to see in the world. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of countries, but the world is so big that I also haven’t seen much of the world. In this blogpost I don’t want to make a list of the countries I want to visit (because I want to vist them all), I want to make a list of journeys I want to make.

  1. Interrail through Europe – I love the idea of seeing all the countries of the continent I live in. I already visited a lot of countries and capitals in Europe, but still not all of them. I think if I would do an interrail (by train) or a roadtrip, I would go to the North of Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland), to the UK (Ireland sounds beautiful) or to East Europe (Poland, Hungary, Slovenia).
  2. Visit all the vulcanos in Iceland – I’ve seen pictures of Iceland and it looks so beautiful! I just have to visit is one day. And also the vulcanos, vulcanos are so cool! Maybe “Visit all the vulcanos in the world” is also an bucketlist idea.
  3. Roadtrip through North America – There are probably a lot of people with the dream to go to the USA. I’m one of them. I would love to visit all the national parks and ofcourse all the famous cities (New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles).
  4. Visit Asia – China, Indonesia and Japan are also on my bucketlist. Backpacking is an option, but it scares me a little. So I probably will visit them seperatly.
  5. Journey through Australia and New Zealand – Two beautiful countries, do I have to say more?
  6. See all the capitals – This is a very vague description, but it would be cool right? I did not really think about how I am going to achieve this dream, so it will always be a vague dream probably.

Going to South America, Africa and the Middle East is also on my bucketlist, but that will probably also be a vague description because I did not really brainstorm about that either. As you maybe can tell, I only really have a “plan” for the Europe and North America “roadtrip”. So we’ll see if it all is ever going to happen. For now it is only just a dream.

Thank you so much for reading!



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